In case you don’t know the characters, from left to right:

Rose, John, Jade, Dave, Jane, Jake, Dirk, and Roxy

WOWIE! So, these are my headcanon heights for all the kids! I’m pretty happy with these heights, but I might change them over time
if I ever want to haha I love how small I made John
Might fix him and make him a tad taller, along with making Jake a tad shorter
possibly?? but have this for now!
Working on more stuff atm! Then I should probably finish some work assignments
I don’t have many left, but I do need to do some things before next week

Also, the reason why the Beta kids are shorter is cause of another headcanon
where I believe that the Alpha kids are three years older than the Beta kids
I know they aren’t, but I thought it would be cool to sorta make them
not all the same age as they are in canon ;v;


Happy 413.

My comic for the HS fan zine :’) I’ve started loving homestuck when I was the same age as the kids. Over the years I grew older than them, but now that Homestuck’s over, the kids are once again older than me (oh the irony). I’ve had a great time in the fandom, and I’ve met a lot of good people along the way so, thanks Homestuck.

Hope everyone had a good 4/13! Can’t believe Homestuck’s finally over.

(Ps: there’s more down below.)

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