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im not interested in getting involved with gay scourge discourse. however, when humanstuck vriska comes out of the closet she goes all out with her punk futch aesthetic, earrings, dyed hair, hot pink flannel and tights wth shorts and tattooes, mayb fuckin gothic dresses, whereas terezi shakes her head @ this typical vriska attitude and continues her altogether neutral stance of red glasses w regular tshirt and trousers. vriska says terezi is weak. terezi says, vriska, last year you said highlights and tattooes were for whiny hipsters

Day 18/20. Welcome to 20 days of DIY! As a new years resolution to myself I have decided to post daily DIYs. Each day I will post a new DIY idea for you guys to try out!

Use burnt matchsticks, glue and cardboard to create beautiful designs! 

Enjoy, Robin

"Abusive parents" One Shot

Author: that-hipster-homestuck-chick

Original Imagine:

Warnings: Abusive relationship

Word Count: 463 words

A/N: I can’t say that I know what this is like but I know what it’s like to be mentally and emotionally abused by people. Aka: I was bullied but here!


You shut the door and locked it, leaning against the wall for support. Usually, it was never this bad. They just hit you and called you names but today it was awful. You carefully slid down to the floor and examined the damage. You couldn’t move your wrist, your lip was split open, your ribs felt like they were broken, you had a black eye, and you were pretty sure your nose was broken.

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Baaahh, pearlgirl710 you stinker. Cosplay in review for 2014! Here’s what I made:

  • Fefetasprite - Homestuck (2014)
  • Hipster Fefetasprite - Homestuck (2014) (unpictured)
  • Default Aradia - Homestuck (2014) (unpictured)
  • Princess Emeraude  - Magic Knight Rayearth (2014)
  • Princess Aurora - Child of Light (2014)
  • Teenage Aurora - Child of Light (2014)
  • Queen Aurora - Child of Light (2014)
  • Grandma Jade - Homestuck (2014)
  • Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls (2014)
  • Tina Belcher - Bob’s Burgers (2014) (unpictured)

I also re-wore Jade and Merida. It wasn’t an enormous cosplay year for me, and really, more frustrating than rewarding sometimes to be honest, but I was pleased by the Teen and Queen Auroras, and Fefetasprite!

I’m eager to put this year behind me and get working on my WIPs for Katsucon and Colossalcon!

 Most people I know have been tagged already, so, neat!