Dave dance cover of (part of)  2HOT by G.Na

yeah…youtube is being a bitch and a half, so I’m not sure about the quality.


:33 < Please send music requests for me to bellydance(stuck)!!!

I will be doing a dance similar to this.

:33  < a few things I furgot to mention in the video:

-to request a song, please reblog this post and comment (or you can comment on the youtube page)

-please do NOT send the request as an ask or message
-include artist name
-please only post one request
-I will be taking requests for about one month
-I will stop taking requests after JANUARY 20
-two songs will be randomly drawn for me to dance to

Edit: if this gets over 100 music requests, I will do a free commission in color for the two winners (I will draw anything, it doesn’t have to be homestuck related)


Every time I forget about this video, it always makes its way back to me. This was at PAX Prime 2011, when the Ubisoft employees at the Just Dance 3 booth begged us to get on stage and demonstrate the game. Even though they announced us to the crowd as “The Devils,” and no one knew who or what we were, it was still a blast!

I was Gamzee.

Glossyglosoli was Kanaya.

Juucbox was Terezi.

Notacentaur was Sollux.

Gonegrimdark was Aradia.

Curiouscrow was Vriska.


Oh man, it was so much fun there!
In Austria Vienna, JapanCity


HEY GUYS REMINDER. We are still $260 short on being able to hold our Homestuck Homecoming even this year.

If you haven’t bought your pre-reg tickets, now is the time to do it before they go up from $15 to $20!

You can buy them online at
or by messaging either Nate Marvan or I.

You can also donate to Homecoming at

All proceeds go directly to the dance, no profit is made, and all staff members are strictly volunteer.