I think SBURB would be way more likely to pick 4 kids of different races, cultures, religions and ways of life than to pick 4 Caucasian kids to play as the worlds saviors.

(please, pLEASE dont do the race!kidsname in the tags, that just proves their ‘canon’ skin is automatically nothing but white)


So a lot of people seemed confused about the presence of the Derse dreamer outfit mixed into the Seer and princess outfits present in the previous sprites that formed Jasprosesprite^2, but if you recall Davesprite’s doomed timeline and his Rose’s fate, it makes a lot more sense.  This whole time, Rose has had the mind of not only her alpha-self, but some of her doomed-future-self mixed in as well, not unlike what happened with Jadesprite godtiering and merging with Jade.

Because of this, I suspect we may get a bit more information from this hyper-seer about Davesprite’s timeline and the Game Over timeline.  Two doomed Roses for the price of one!  All bundled in a kitty-cat exterior.  How lovely.

Top left: Future Dream Rose Vanishes with her timeline.
Top Right: FD!Rose merges with Alpha!Rose to wake her up on Derse.
Bottom left: Jaspersprite goes to give Rosesprite a hug.
Bottom Right: Jasprosesprite^2 is formed as Rosesprite’s second prototyping.

Yes! I have finished Rose’s design from Real Men Wear Tights AU! I am quite fond of the result for this one. I’m not sure whose next, definitely another dude. I’ve been thinking about doing Tavros for awhile now so maybe I’ll do him next! Though there is also a pretty significant pull to finish the family and draw Dirk next. I hope you’re all having nice days and everything! 

P.S. I read the newest chapter. It was amazing! Please keep up the amazing work, writing and arting and just. Yes. That is all. ~ Kera