it wigs me out that

the beta kids names were picked on a first come first serve basis by random forum users so it would have taken only the slightest nudge for us to live in a universe where dave strider is called, like, franklin beets. wed all have spent the last seven years talking about how cool franklin beets is and, later, how were so glad that karfrank is canon

Eridan appreciation post

Bc i love him and no one else does 

  • his lil finny fins. so cute
  • the way he said “powwoww” 
  • his cool cape heckers yes 
  • his theme song i mean have u heard it ITS SO COOL JUST LIKE HIM
  • his magic wand 
  • his lil cute sharp fishy teeth 
  • that cool angry face he makes 
  • when he says “wwhatvver” 
  • how BAD at getting the ladies he is (and the men too) 
  • that one time where he and cronus were literally flirting with each other, amazing, A+
  • how CUTE his talksprite is i mean come on !
  • when he do the blushy blush 
  • honestly how cool he is hes so cool
  • the fact he lives up to his sign despite popular belief (aquarius means air ya dweebs so he doesnt even need to be in the water)
  • his pANTS 
  • that lil purple part in his hair 
  • did i mention that cute angry face bc i luv that cute angry face he does

in conclusion eridan is a cute cinnamon roll dont let anyone else tell you otherwise 

Musing about splinters

Everyone knows Heart players splinter. It’s right in their symbol. 

Half is left empty signifying splinters breaking away leaving an incomplete Heart. 

Nepeta has a million interpretations in the fandom ranging from kitty shipper girl to huntress. She also assumed other personas through role playing. 

Meulin was an ecstatic shipper who was also a low key stoner. She also had a double side invoked/created by Kurloz.

Dirk splintered off into Lil Hal and Brain Ghost Dirk. He also had his dreamself awake at the same time.

Heart players are very clearly known to splinter.

But another aspect has a dualistic symbol 

There is a frown within the smile. There are themes of comedy and tragedy in both the symbol and it’s heroes. So what if Rage players don’t deal with splinters branching away, but deal with parts locked inside?

Think about it. Gamzee shifted to a very different persona when realizing his ancestry thanks to Cal and Doc Scratch. He took on a wrathful persona that was dormant. 

Kurloz was generally seen as a bit creepy, but harmless. All the while he had a dark side. 

What if that’s how Rage splinters work? Instead of creating new personas and beings like Heart players, a Rage player’s splinter is within. 

A Heart player’s splinters are like balloons tethered together that want to float apart. Those separate parts just make up one big picture.

A Rage player’s splinters are like cracked glass. They are in one piece and contained, but it isn’t exactly stable. They have inner demons they must face.

Heart players need to reel themselves in, but Rage players have to keep themselves together.