homestuck creations

honestly i love both tex talks and fletcher wortmann’s analysis of homestuck so much… having consumed both is so mind-blowing

i think it’s wild how both are so spot on and yet come from two very different people in completely different majors/fields of work

it’s amazing how they both use their intricate knowledge of their field of study to examine homestuck through two completely different metatextual lenses (homestuck as a creation myth borne from knowledge of programming and computer functions vs. homestuck’s use of pesterlogs as a very intricate and intimate way of showing engaging character interaction that outdoes most pieces of media) and how both analyses are not only spot on, but also give sufficient proof that hussie intended these readings of his work and that depth was entirely intentional

Homestuck Spoilers

I’m going into this mostly blind, and want to be as spoiler free as possible, but I’ve still picked up some things about the story here and there. Mostly it’s a lot of out of context details with no real significance to me:

  • I kinda know what trolls are. Like a lot of people, my first exposure to Homestuck was seeing roving bands of troll cosplayers with unsealed gray body paint. I know that they’re genderless, but that’s about it. 
  • I read the first few dozen pages of Homestuck once a couple years ago, so I know who John is, but that’s about all I remember. I never got out of John’s house, so I don’t think I really got into the meat of the story at all.
  • I’ve seen people call Homestuck a modern creation myth, so I know there are some rather expansive themes to the overall story.
  • I heard that the ending disappointed a lot of people.
  • I can describe what a lot of characters look like based on fan art, but I don’t know who any of them are:
    • There are the black and white wolf people with swords
    • There’s a girl with dog ears
    • There’s a guy with a blue shirt and a hammer
    • There are two guys who wear awesome sunglasses and a lot of red
    • There are a whole bunch of characters with a billiard ball theme
    • One of the trolls has sunglasses and a walking stick, so I’m assuming they’re blind.

That’s just about all of the things I can be sure of. I picked up a lot of random tidbits on tumblr, but I have no idea what is and isn’t canon. Like I know Dave/Karkat is a popular ship (or at least it’s popular among the homestuckers I follow), but I don’t know who either of them are in the story, or if they actually have a romantic relationship.

Or with the trolls. If you showed me a police lineup of a bunch of troll characters, I couldn’t possibly tell you which ones were canon, and which ones were fan-made. Except for the one with the walking stick. I’ve seen a lot of fan art of that one, so I’m pretty sure she’s a real character.

On the update

Okay, I’ve had enough time to think for me to properly articulate my feelings.

I went into this update with the same thought I had when I began reading Homestuck. “If this started as a fan-submission-type comic, then the ending is going to be vague. It’ll still relate to Hussie’s original intent, but he’ll have to guide the comic and the fan submissions in the right direction first.“ Which is exactly what he did. In the end, (and I’ll stay vague too to avoid completely spoiling anyone who hasn’t seen it) we received an ending that had the widest margin, that appealed in all the right ways to still achieve that grand theme Hussie was going for all along. He said it in the news feed, and even said it before he started writing Homestuck: It’s a creation myth about kids in houses.

To me, this story is deserving of the title “meta-epic,” for containing all the necessary ingredients to be dubbed an epic, but also for expanding and above and beyond that medium of literature in ways that have never been done before, ever. Hussie made the audience a part of the story. We were practically integral to it’s development. The story thrived off of the fan base, and the fans thrived off of it; Homestuck became a part of us. (He did much more than pull us in, of course, but I’ll leave that for others to elaborate on since I’m still reeling from the update.) In the end, though, it’s still just an epic. A myth. A grand tale of a boy, his friends, and a game they play together to create a new universe. And yet, it’s so much more. Homestuck is arguably the most important epic of the 21st century, and I doubt anything will compare for a very long time. 

The character creation for Kankri Vantas is really fucked up.


He’d be wonderful as a troll SJW parody, someone who is only using it as a front to be an ass. This is where you find the interpretations all falling in the fandom.

But the issue lies in the fact that, there’s no reason for him to be a ‘fake’ SJ advocate other than the meta. The story and his background within it actually points more towards someone that should be a REAL advocate.

Much like Karkat, he’s had a rough life as someone off of the hemospectrum. He likely didn’t have a Crabdad, and was instead most definitely culled, in the Beforan sense of the word. ‘That’s not all that bad,’ you might say. At least he’s not been at the risk of dying his entire life.

Except that Feferi’s version of culling, while not deadly, was still horrific. On Beforus, she was able to live out her dreams from Alternia. Which mean that those that could be considered strange or infirm, or just plain cute and needing help in her eyes, were cloistered away against their will and treated as though they were children. They had absolutely no independence, they had no power of choice. They were likely little more than living dolls to those that culled them under her orders. Or worst, pets.

Why would such a rearing result in someone that doesn’t really care about the rights of others except as lip-service?

If a parody of troll or bad SJ advocates was Hussie’s goal, Kankri was the worst option for such.

It’s my opinion, though, that Kankri fits more the SJ 101 type of person, a person that has not been able to grow past many prejudices they were still caught in when they first entered the scene. One that still struggles with ingrained and internalized prejudices and ableism (Mituna incident), that still wants to try to make EVERYone happy (wader ‘slur’ incident), either due to naivette or worst, due to fear of backlash from a majority, ie his friends, especially Porrim. One that is caught up in lies and has been tricked by fake/troll type blogs (transpectrum/transbloods).

But who has not had someone to help teach him away from these things, teach him the error of his ways. Time is one thing, but without someone to point things out, it can be a journey someone doesn’t know what direction to start in.