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I’m honestly so stuck on the symbolism of both sets of carapacians living in harmony? That sequence was when I started crying

I just

The chessboard is obliterated, the conflict is ended, the game is over, the sacrifice and death and pain and time have finally paid their dues and

and now

and now they are at peace

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So you still agree with your initial interpretations of the other characters, or have you changed your mind on any over time?

as of right now my headcanon titles for the Undertale characters are

Frisk: Heir of Hope

Sans: Mage of Void

Papyrus: Sylph of Hope

Toriel: Sylph of Blood

Undyne: Witch of Life

Alphys: Knight of Space

Mettaton: Thief of Space

Asgore: Bard of Doom

Asriel: Bard of Heart

Flowey: Maid of Mind

Chara: Prince of Rage