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What is Distruststuck?

Distruststuck is a spin-off ask blog based within the Truststuck universe/timeline, featuring humanized ancestors. It does not have the same features as Truststuck, but it has a rich storyline/plot. It is based around 10 years before Truststuck takes place, in the late 80s early 90s in Nevada.

What’s so special about it?

I run ask blogs with a storytelling aspect to it, meaning there’s a plot that will keep you interested, and keep the characters seemingly alive. I like to try and keep my cast as diverse as possible.

The plot of this AU in particular is the sudden distrust everyone feels for each other after the murder of their good friend, Doctor ‘Scratch’ Hans. One (or more) of this group of 12 could be the murderers.

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Functional Righteous Leggings

With the reveal of “grub scars” in Hiveswap Friendsim Vol 11, I wanted to get really frustrated at first, because it doesn’t make sense with a standard understanding of pupation, but instead, I’ll just accept it.  However, in accepting it, I have noticed an interesting detail.

These markings are on the sides of the ribs, positioned just below the level of the pectorals, and bear the color of the troll in question’s blood.  So if you wanted to keep your blood status hidden, then it’d be wise of you to keep your top covered at all times, as those markings would give you away before your blood was ever drawn.

And guess what, we’ve seen someone do this before:

The Sufferer (pants highlighted for visual clarity)

As a offspec “mutant” on Alternia, A2 Kankri Vantas would have bright red markings on his sides, signalling him as a ready victim for anyone to see.  So to prevent making an instant target out of himself, the Signless (and Karkat by extension) adopted wearing chest high pants to cover up those grub scars.  It’s easy to get someone to remove their shirt, but it’s a social faux pas, even on Alternia, to forcibly remove someone’s pants.

As an additional note, it’s interesting that in some of his pants (they don’t all match up from artwork to artwork, but come on, he probably has the decency to wear more than one pair of pants), he wears all gray and black, with a bit of red.

While might you think bright red would be a dead giveaway of who he is, it’s important to remember the imperial color is also bright red, and it’s socially acceptable to wear any amount of it.  In fact, Redglare and Kanaya wear more red than the Signless ever did.  It’s kind of a way to hide in plain sight.  No sensible mutant would ever wear their color, so obviously he can’t be a mutant like they claim.

And it seems this color gambit worked so well, even Karkat followed suit:

Alright, so maybe I shouldn’t care about this so much, but-

The fuck you mean, “human Signless is a homophobic fire and brimstone preacher?”

The Signless’s movement was one of revolutionary kindness and acceptance in the most intolerant possible world, don’t tell me he’d be a part of that same hate.

Human Signless is a young man of color protesting police brutality on the streets and getting arrested once or twice a month

Human Signless comes to visit people on death row and won’t leave until he’s made their wardens sit down with them and talk, and learn about them, and feel disgusting for upholding this system

Human Signless steps between a mugger and their victim and talks the conflict out, and hands the mugger a $20 bill because it’s all he has

He doesn’t have time to spread hate because he’s too busy smuggling victims out of abusive homes, and going on loudly publicized hunger strikes until wrongly-incarcerated protesters are released from prison, and empowering people who’d have every right to be hateful to instead help make things right.

There is only ONE acceptable excuse for making him an angry, jaded asshat, and that is if he’s undergone some trauma so intense that he’s already the Sufferer.