homestuck xd


Welcome back to another episode of “I can’t fucking draw”
Eridan, equius , gamzee and tavros.


Fucking shit I love eridan so much-
(Especially erifish. He’s so fucking cute just look at that little salt ball-)

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Headcanon: Tavros es latino (-ejemchilenoejem!-) :3

Had to deal with alot of adult responsibilities today, so I wanted to draw something silly :’D I don’t know the Alpha kids very well yet but…Jake looks like the character that can lift all his friends effortlessly? I want to draw a Beta kids parallel soon~ 

Beta kids version!

Homestuck Beta Kids Week Day 1: Outside Trip!

John is showing around the neighborhood and Bec is there as Adult Supervision.


Redrew my favourite screenshot of the recent Homestuck Credits~