homestuck x hetalia


homestuck is ruining my life

@angryreesespuff told me their Ameripan Homestuck AU and of course I had to dr aw,,, so thAnK

All of the fandoms I’ve been in have Those Ships that are shipped by the majority of the fandom and are basically the ultimate, indestructible, giantass warships.

“And that’s called-…Hey, are you even listening?”

Kiku trying to teach Al about the galaxy and stuff but Al’s to busy admiring how pretty he is  (  ͡ °  ͜ʖ  ͡ °)


Hello lovelies! I’m in dire need of someone new to rp with! I’ll include a list of things I’ve done and what I’d like to do below, so please if you’re interested don’t hesitate to message me!! ( I’ll list some of my ships in the tags as well ) 

  • Drarry
  • Pretty much any Harry Potter things
  • Homestuck
  • Attack on titan
  • Deadman wonderland (I’m a little rusty but I’ll try!!)
  • Soul Eater (I’m a little rusty but I’ll try!!)
  • The Devil is a Part Timer
  • Hetalia
  • Ouran High school host club
  • Percy Jackson
  • Black Butler
  • Free!
  • South Park

Yuuri!! On Ice! And like hella more, if you ask I can give you either my email, or skype! ( Also if you just want those things to talk and fangirl out I’d be happy with that too. I’m always looking for more people to fangirl with! )