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Cut the Rope | High School Au | Chapter 1

A/N: I finally decided to finish the first part! I hope you like my new series! Feedback is appreciated! :-) Tell me if you want to get added in the tag list.

Warnings: A little bit cursing and some flirting.

“Wake up sweetie! You don’t want to be late on the first day of your new school!” Your mom’s voice echoed through your room. You were actually awake but too tired to get up and put your clothes on.

“Who said I don’t want to be late?” You replied with a groan and pushed your covers up your head when your mom opened the curtains. She sat besides you and caressed your arm with her fingers.

“Oh, sweetie.. I know you miss your old friends but it’s a new start. You are going to make a lot of new friends and imagine how many lives you will save when you graduate and go to the Avengers Academy.” She smiled as you pushed the sheets back down and blew your hair off your face.

“Only if I pass..”

“I know you will.. I believe in you!” She said. You smiled at her and decided to get off the bed and search for clothes.

“That’s the spirit!” She laughed and you chuckled. Your mom left you alone in your room so you could change in peace and make you breakfast.

“What do we wear in the first day of school?” You asked yourself. In five minutes you had found the perfect pair of jeans, a khaki shirt, your leather black jacket and your favorite pair of shoes. You fixed your makeup and hair when you heard a soft knock on the door.

“Y/N.. You look amazing” You mom told you and spun you around to take a better look.

“Thanks.. Well I should be going now.” Before you could teleport to your school’s location, Y/M/N stopped you.

I made you breakfast,don’t you wanna eat?“ You shook your head.

“I’m not hungry.. Maybe you or dad or Y/B/N can eat it” You smiled. “Goodbye!”

“Bye sweetie! Have a nice day!” With a blink of her e/c eyes, you were gone.

Now you were out of the school. You couldn’t see anyone yet, meaning that you were early enough to talk to the headteacher. You walked inside taking a deep breath. There was noone in the corridors. You didn’t know where you were going until you fell right in front of the headteacher’s door. You knocked softly and a female voice told you to come in.

“Hello madam.. Is Mr. Coulson here?” You asked and she smiled.

“Hi.. Yeah he is in. I will go inform him that you are here. By the way, I am Maria Hill, the secretary but also your communications teacher.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Y/N.” She nodded her head and opened the door.

“Phil, Mrs. Y/L/N is here!”

“Great, tell her to come in!” He said and you shyly walked in the room. “Don’t be shy mrs Y/L/N. We are all a family here and I want you to feel comfortable.”

“Thank you sir” He smiled.

“Welcome to our A.A.S.U. High School. Here you can either choose the path of an avenger or a shield agent. A.A.S.U. stands for Avengers And SHIELD United. I will ask you some questions right now, okay?”


“Do you want to be an Avenger or a SHIELD agent?” You took a deep breath.

“Avenger” It was actually a hard choice. The avenger tests and finals were actually the most difficult and it was impossible to pass. The school was 1 years old and noone was good enough to become an avenger.

“Great choice Y/L/N. What’s your abilities?”

“I have genetic teleportation abilities, since the age of three I was highly trained spy and at hand-to-hand combat and I’m also good at gymnastics.” He looked up from the paper and then at you.

“I believe you’ll be great as an avenger. Now, go make some friends and remember to study hard!” You laughed and picked your backpack from the floor. With your free hand you grabbed the program and exited the office.

The school’s corridors were full of life now. You tried to pass through the crowd to find your locker but fell onto someone in the progress. Fortunately someone caught you.

“Are you okay?” The handsome boy with the blue eyes and blonde hair asked you. “I’m so sorry” You grinned at his kindness.

“It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. I’m good thanks” He smiled back. Before you could say something else a female voice was heard behind him.

“Did you just flirt with my boyfriend?” The blonde girl asked you.

“I just fell and he caught me. Is this considered as flirting?” She rolled her eyes and looked at the blue eyed guy.

“She’s saying the truth”

“I believed you. Wait, you are the newbie. What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You said in a steady voice.

“Nice, didn’t Coulson tell you about the rules here?” You quirked an eyebrow.

“Actually he didn’t say anything about any rules.” She opened her mouth and nodded.

“I’m going to tell you my rule; No flirting with other girl’s boyfriends!” She turned on her heels, grabbed her boyfriend arm and they got lost in the crowd. You rolled your eyes and turned around. As you were about to open your locker you heard another boy laughing.

“Is there something funny?” You asked but he continued laughing.

“Oh my god you just talked back to Sharon Carter” He continued laughing.

“What’s so special about that?”

“Noone has ever talked back to her again. You must be special what’s your name?” The light brown hair guy asked.

“I’m Y/N”

“I’m Clint” Clint said and shook your arm. “You are so sitting with me and my friends today at lunch.”

“Cool!” A dark hair-ed boy stopped in the other end of the lockers and Clint waved at him.

“Heyo Tony! Come here!” He moved and stood next to you. “That girl here is Y/N! And you can’t guess what Y/N did.”

“She talked to you?” You laughed and Clint sighed.

“You are an asshole and that was mean.. She talked back to Sharon.” Tony put a hand on his chest dramatically.

“Woah! It’s interesting but Clint why do you overreact like that?” Tony questioned and you stared at Clint.

“Because you remember what happened to the last girl that did that?” Tony’s eyes widened at the image in his head.

“Y/N if you want to live and be good physically please don’t do that again. I almost witnessed a murder last time. And it was mine!” Tony said. “Hey have you seen Pietro?”

A voice behind you made you jump and you almost screamed. “Did someone mention my name?” The guy named Pietro asked. “Sorry I scared you sweetheart. What’s your name?”

“I’m Y/N and please don’t call me sweetheart.“ He smiled showing his perfect teeth.

“Nice to meet you. Why was Sharon yelling at Steve back there?” Clint snorted and Tony looked at the ground.

“I fell on him and his girlfriend thought I was flirting with him.” You said and Pietro just said an ‘oh’ as it was regural.

“Y/N you didn’t tell us what you are applying for” Tony spoke.

“I’m applying as an Avenger. You guys?” The three of them replied with a ‘same’. “I also have teleportation powers and I’m trained at hand-to-hand combat.”

“I bet I could kick your ass easy"Pietro said and winked at you. You smirked.

“Well we’ll see about that speedy” Tony and Clint stared at each other grinning widely.

“Me and you at the gym in one hour” He took a step closer to you. “We’ll see who’s stronger, and faster.”

“Hell I don’t even know where the gym is” You laughed. Clint and Tony were now whispering something in each others ears.

“I’ll carry you there. I’m super fast.” You bit your lips and laughed. He was about to pick you up and start running but Clint stopped him.

“You two little shits, your sexual tension is killing us.” You stared with wide eyes as your mouth gaped open as Pietro blushed. “Try not to make babies in the gym you are too young!” Clint and Tony started running in the opposite direction of you and Pietro.

“I’m going to catch them.” Pietro said looking at you.

“I’ll do it first!” You mumbled and teleported in front of the two teenagers as they screamed. “Caught you”

Part 2 Coming soon

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