homestuck wrigglers

Sorry for not having answered any asks in so long - Have some smiley kids

I drew this on Mother’s day but I wasnt able to post it till today so happy mother’s day Dolorosa. You’re the best troll ancestor and the wisest.

Side Note: When I was first drawing this and sketching it and finally did lines I sent a picture of it on my phone to my girlfriend and them my Sai program decided to die. I lost it all, but thanks to my little sister and the fact i show my gf every step of my drawing process i was able to save this picture

500 note update: This is not just a single image, but one of a series in a music video that me and my girlfriend are working on on Signless’s life. It will be a mix of still images and a attempted animation in a few parts. My girlfriend is going to college for it so why not help her practice? Her tumblr is and her art blog is My main tumblr is and my art blog is so be on the look out for the music art post. I’d also like to thank the lovely frog senpai for posting up my art on their art blog. Thank you Chofi! My-friend-the