homestuck volume 7

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Favorite song off of each hs album?

Ohhhhh jeez. I hate picking faves but also I love picking faves. I’m gonna stick to the official albums or else this is gonna get crazy long.

Homestuck Volume 1: Skies of Skaia

Homestuck Volume 2: Explore

Homestuck Volume 3: Harleboss

Midnight Crew Drawing Dead: Three in the Morning

Homestuck Volume 4: Sburban Jungle

Homestuck Volume 5: Sunslammer(?) there are too damn many faves to count

Alternia: Phaze and Blood

Squiddles!: Carefree Princess Berryboo

The Felt: The entire album tbh

Homestuck Volume 6 Heir Transparent: Gaia Queen

Strife!: Heir Conditioning or Dance of Thorns

AlterniaBound: Rex Duodecim Angelus

Medium: Heat or Clockwork, but also all of it

Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido: Chain of Prospit

Homestuck Volume 7 At the Price of Oblivion: At the Price of Oblivion

Sburb: Chronicles maybe

The Wanderers: Litrichean Rioghail

Prospit and Derse: Derse Dreamers

Homestuck Volume 8: Even in Death (T’Morra’s Belly Mox), but also Do You Remem8er Me, Cascade, Unite Synchronization, and a bunch of others.

Song of Skaia: Song of Skaia

ColoUrs and Mayhem A: Gold Pilot or Temporal Shenanigans

ColoUrs and Mayhem B: Clockstopper

Homestuck Volume 9: A Taste for Adventure

Symphony Impossible to Play: Overture, which was already my fave before Act 7

One Year Older: FantasyP

Genesis Frog: Bilious

Cherubim: Eternity Served Cold (also Carne Vale)

[S] Collide: Heir of Grief

Act 7: Overture (Canon Edit) obvs, and I like it even better than the original

Homestuck Volume 10: oh man…it’s more like which aren’t my faves. I guess the one I rock out to the most would be Of Gods and Witches, but I rock out to all of it. 

But really I can never pick faves and they change all the time. It’s like picking favorite children or sandwiches.


Once in a blue moon I get motivated to chart a Homestuck track for Guitar Hero/Frets on Fire (it’s compatible with both), so here’s my rendition of At the Price of Oblivion!

That keyboard solo was a doozy…


Maplehoof’s Adventure Lyrics:

Neigh. Neigh. Neigh. Neigh. Neigh. Neigh. Neeheheheigh. Neeheheheigh. Neigh. Neigh. Neeheheheigh! Neeheheheigh! Neeeeeeeeeeeeeaaeeeeigh! Nay. Neigh. Neeheheheigh! Neeheheheigh! Neeeeeeeeeeeeeaaeeeeigh! Neigh! Neigh! Neigh. Neigh. Neigh. Neigh? Neeeeeeeeeheheheigh! Neeeeigh. Neeeeigh. Neeeeeeeeeeigh! Neeeeigh! Neeeeigh! NEEEEIIGH! Neeeeheheheeehaigh?

Deep and riveting lyrics we have here.