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“I-if it’s not too late could you maybe do something for someone who’s depressed? I’ve been down the hole lately, with cutting and suicidal thoughts, and just hating everything about myself down to my own name and birthdate. ah of course if it isn’t too much trouble unu thank you.”


There was no script. This was all raw impromptu thoughts. 

Voice acting done poorly by: Pineapple


The REAL reason Caliborn Hates John


Caliborn - Ty

Video Editing - Jeremy

Original Comic Can be found Here [X]


Don’t ever take the Trolls to a mall, especially during the holidays.

Oh man, this took so long because of technical difficulties, and I’m super sad I didn’t get to upload it on Christmas for you guys, but here it is! It’s super rushed and honestly not the best I could of done, but oh well. Two days late, a Homestuck Christmas Animation!

The Guard

Special thanks to the Kanaya who recorded as a substitute for when we didn’t have one, to the Guard who recorded for us when no one else in the group would fit, and to my (personally) mother and step father for helping me get this out as soon as possible.

Somene's Watching
  • Somene's Watching
  • Ray, TT, Zing, Shian, Sage, Roxanne, Aly, Louis

A very big thank you to Orangelemonart for letting us voice this!!!

Jade - Admin Ray

Rose - Admin TT

Kanaya - Aly

Jane - Sage

Jake/Dave - Shian

John - Zing

Karkat - Louis

Calliope - Roxanne

Editor - Shells


DONT DROP THAT DIRK A DIRK. Don’t drop him. Don’t do it. 

Original Comic Here:

Dirk - Jordan:

Jake - Trick:

Roxy and video editor - Wire:

Homestuck copyright Andrew Hussie:

This is an independently made parody with no association to What Pumpkin or Andrew Hussie


man, who knew 4/13 was in 5/08


John: ZingDev
Jane: Chelsea 
Caliborn: Ty
Aradia: Wire
Accordion Sounds: Quinn
Art: Ectobiologisteb (Comic)
Music: Mother (Piano)Blue AtomHauntjamIron Knight


A young man is murdered in his bedroom, unraveling a series of events and paranormal conspiracies that haunt both the living and the dead.


Headphone users beware: this video contains sudden high-pitched and loud noises.

Purgatorystuck is a horror based series that contains strong language, blood, violence, and suggestive/sexual themes that may be disturbing or triggering to some viewers.


>Nepeta : Stalk Eribooty.


Nepeta : shellsyeah

Eridan : thatoneblackvoiceactor

Original Artist of Comic : askcr33pernepeta

Editing : thatoneblackvoiceactor


Colab with Sean!

It was a stretch, since we tried doing a bunch of different voices with only two people.

Dave, Karkat, John & Sollux|Terezi, Jade, Aradia & Rose

  • [A6A6I5]====>
  • When Dave calls Jane the hot mom.
  • Homestuck

I got some really awesome people to voice act this page of Homestuck with me!

Dave: mawaty

Vriska: awkward-dormouse

ARquiusprite: bkfn256

Terezi: pyrope-inc

Rose: bluejaytoki

Roxy: l4wltul4

John: psyreii

I had a lot of fun working with all of you!

Bad pickup lines John
  • Bad pickup lines John
  • Zingdev, ft. Karl

One of those moment where you see something hilarious and you’re like “Yeah I can totally record that and make it beautiful.”

I apologize in advance.

John: ZingDev

Dave: Karl

Music: Valse Moderne- Ren & Stimpy Production Music 

The person who RP as John and put it up on tumblr: therealedwardelric

The Original Post (The image is really hard to see.)