homestuck voice acting


Here it is!!! The thing I stayed up to 3 a.m. making!

Kudos to @crashboombanger​ for being such an awesome voice actor and, even though they said they don’t know anything about Homestuck, they managed to nail the Midnight Crew very accurately imo

Here’s the post with the original audo. It was super fun to animate!


Who says that only John and Jane can pull pranks?

Roxy: Me
Rose: @randomfandomgirl

Original artist: @moonpaw17


Terezi once again thoroughly impresses Karkat with her sense of humour.

Karkat: @simonsusake
Terezi: Me

Artist: @appl-juice42

Audio and Video editing done by me!!

Fine Dining & Sucking At It
♉ - Carlos - ♑
Fine Dining & Sucking At It

Comic by: Shubbabang

- You can check out the original comic here -


Generic Man 1, Generic Man 2, Karkat, Equius, Gamzee, Tavros, Eridan, and Sollux were all voiced by: Me

TereziAradiaFeferiVriskaKanaya, and Jade were all voiced by: MusicMushi

Music Credits:

Windy (Overworld Theme) (Robin Beanland, Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

Nepeta, No... (Homestuck Comic)
Nepeta, No... (Homestuck Comic)

More Homestuck coming your away

==========VOICES OF THE DAY==========
Nepeta:Shipper of Heart
Equius: Me
=========Comic Artist======
Go Visit the Talented artist at: @omnia-volo

Music: Alternia 07 - Walls Covered In Blood

====Video From===========


HAPPY (belated) 4/13!!!Comic: @cosmic-rumpus     (Link to the comic)


John Egbert & Dirk Strider - Me


Kevin MacLeod - Lobby Time

I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!

Courtroom Shenanigans
Courtroom Shenanigans

“I am kankri and I speak f9r the mutants”

Terezi: roxrezi

Eridan: twerkingforbananas

Karkat: valleygirlthor

Kankri: seer-of-blood

Porrim: equiuszahhak

Dave: ninjapuff1

Original comic: adorabloodthirsty69


This one is all about… the Wayward Vagabond. 

Next week is a blooper reel and then we’ll get started with Act 3!

The Not So Giving Tree
The Not So Giving Tree

Comic by: Nubs-Mgee

- You check out the original comic here -


The Narrator was voiced by: Everyday-Conman

Dave was voiced by: HiddenCube

Bro (The Tree) was voiced by: Anarchiccorrosivity

Music Credits:

Bumblebee Meadow (Brandon Fiechter, Lands Of Myth)