homestuck video game

Okay, my friend go me into the game Night in the Woods, and I’m loving every second of it. The characters are absolutely amazing, and just…. play the game.
I tried doing Gregg in my style first, but animals are not my strong spot, so I kinda crossed my style and the game’s style together, and it turned out pretty nice.

a concept: jade has a basement on earth c thats perfect for all her experiments and even has those cellar door things so she can easily go outside and check on her garden. She has it decorated with like a bed, desk, tv, etc in one corner then the rest of the space has tables with various scraps and beakers on them and its a mess

She practically lives down there and makes all kinds of cool science-y shit whether its building a mircowave thatll heat up poptarts perfectly or making slime that tastes like key-lime gogurt. 

Roxy comes to visit her frequently and they team up on projects on occasion which leads to them living down in the basement for a week straight and getting no sleep but they love it and have a great time.


Here’s some of my art that made it into the Hiveswap trailer! I just did the backgrounds, not any of the characters or animations or anything (though I did get to design Jude’s pigeons! Look how cutely they are animated!!) It feels so good to be able to finally show you some of this stuff.

the signs as things i've heard people say at my school
  • Aries: I just got here and I already want to go home.
  • Taurus: *After being tazed* I'm cooked
  • Gemini: *Handing the teacher a dvd* DJ Malec spin this shit
  • Cancer: I smoked a whole baby yesterday.
  • Leo: Do u ever look at your hoeish ways and contemplate how you got here
  • Libra: *Singing* Someday we'll find it, the rainbow- DRAMATIC ASS HOE SHUT THE FUCK-
  • Scorpio: *In the corner* alexander hamilton was the biggest hoe
  • Sagittarius: I heard that someone entered a pringles flavor contest with period blood flavored pringles
  • Capricorn: (To Sagittarius) But did he win???
  • Aquarius: Suck my ass that taco was the shit
  • Pisces: Does homestuck count as a video game???
Bard of Doom/Maid of Life


Character: Kazauki Nanaki/Hitori Uzune (Hatoful Boyfriend)

Classpect Functions: CSPBFR/KSABFD

Inverse: Maid of Life/ Bard of Doom

Key traits (Jungian Classpect Theory)

  • Sensing(Loosely): Hitori encountered a button quail named Kazuaki Nanaki a few months after Nageki’s death. He assisted said quail in suicide and then swapped their identification papers, handing over the original Kazuaki’s remains as his own. Also, the blinded Kazuaki serenely tries to strangle Yuuya while Yuuya is trying to rescue him. This causes Yuuya to note that even if Kazuaki looks calm on the outside, he must be pretty messed up on the inside.
  • Fabric: He was the older brother figure for all the other younger orphans at Hatoful House. His gradual, tragic losses of all of his orphan-siblings causes his subsequent descent into madness and revenge. This indicates that he played a role in the orphan house and he adored playing this role a lot. This all changed and it caused him to flip the other way.
  • Feeling: He is described as a kind, caring, and talented young bird and the ideal young birdie that everyone wants their child to be. After the deaths of most of the Hatoful House children and later his brother, he becomes so depressed and insane.
  • (Control, Passive, Fabric, Required): For all his smiles and friendly demeanor, he claims is unable to love anyone because of hardships in the past. After the death of the orphans, he tricks his best friend into a false suicide pact to claim said friend’s identity. He remains just depressed and unstable from that point. It’s revealed that the death of his brother Nageki haunts him to the point where he constantly talks to a dark manifestation of his guilt that he believes to be Nageki who holds him responsible for his death. This fully manifests when he learns that Nageki’s liver was implanted in Ryouta and approaches Ryouta with a knife, muttering Nageki’s name over and over again and about how he needs to take Nageki home with him now.
  • (Preserve, Active, Fabric, Desired): See Fabric.


To find out how I came to this conclusion, check my sidebar and click “Theories Applied”. For God tier costumes, click the link “Usable Sprites”. Sorry for not being able to link it directly on this post because Tumblr will not let this reach the search if I put links on the post.