homestuck vector

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Vector Hydrus sounds pretty cool, what're they like? (btw, I love your art so much)

thank you very much !!! QAQ 

and ye here she is !!! 


RR: You kn~w h~w !t !s w!th us h!ghbl~~ds, please d~n’t take !t pers~nally…

her quirk is that she switches O’s with ~ and I’s with !

Her d/ancestor is:  Yeltia Hydrus || The Huntress

she works with jadebloods and makes sure none of the grubless lusii break into the brooding caverns while the jadebloods are working, and in her spare time she hunts down lusii above ground and sells the carcasses to Orphaners for money and a bit of immunity from being culled (if that were ever to happen that is)

heres a cruddly doodle of her lusus

dragon mothers are good mothers

SO YEAH thats Vector !!! she rides on her lusus sometimes, and her Name literally means Hydra Rider sO im kinda proud of that. used my brain for once

if you have any other q’s about my fantrolls u can send in an ask !! :O