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We’re currently working on projects in need of voice actors ASAP! We need a male and a female for the following characters, along with some extras/background voices.

Avery Rose Lester, 17, female

Rodney, 18, male

Even if you don’t feel like you fit these characters, I implore you to audition, for we will definitely need more VA’s later. 

This will be an ongoing series with mention of alot of abuse, illnesses, and sex. We’re looking for people who will take our project seriously. We only require you to have a good emotional range in your voice and some form of decent way to record (it doesn’t have to be professional equipment!)

It is not currently a paid gig, but we’re hoping to reward our hardworking cast and crew somehow.

To audition, please either message me or email your demo to You can either read whatever you’re comfortable reading or you can read the following lines.

(normal) “Yeah, I don’t know what she put in those brownies but they sold pretty well.”

(frustrated) “I don’t care what he has to say. I’m not letting him mess with my head anymore.”

(upset) “What am I supposed to say? With everything going on already, you expect me to just smile about it?”

Please share if you know someone who’d be interested!


Terezi once again thoroughly impresses Karkat with her sense of humour.

Karkat: @simonsusake
Terezi: Me

Artist: @appl-juice42

Audio and Video editing done by me!!


Keep your eyes open.

Original Comic 

Music - Coursing

Jake - Jake



We’ve come so far in 7 years and it’s been an amazing journey, I have met so many amazing people because of Homestuck and got into voice acting and have only gotten better as I go. Even though Homestuck has ended there will surely be more but I know everything and everyone I have gained will stay with me forever.

So here’s our Tribute video

Karkat, Tavros, Nepeta, Vriska, Roxy, Meulin, Latula, Porrim, Calliope, and Disciple - Me/Tabikat
Sollux, Jake, Mituna - @princenotascharming
Equius and Horuss - @puppypetter666
Eridan, Lord English, John - @sixfootblue
Cronus , Caliborn, Dualscar - @countwidget
Feferi, Meenah, Condy - @cosmicapproach
Dirk - @astutebiscuit
Kankri - @cancerousuniverse


Aradia gives us a beautiful, yet haunting song about her death

@broadwaytieraradia: In all my dreams I die

Fanon Caliborn: asshole of epic propotions, "annoying little brother,“ complete and utter idiot, pushover, basically just Invader Zim, overconfident, whiny little pissbaby, about as threatening as a teddy bear, pretty much a joke

Canon Caliborn: asshole of epic proportions, constantly underestimated, a cunning tactician despite his learning disability, determined to get his way at any cost, will never give up even when his task seems impossible, surprisingly insecure under his bravado, has an absolutely lethal temper, can be legitimately terrifying, is a comedic character but is NOT a joke

Hey guys we need your help to get auditions.

To all the auditioners and people who follow this blog, even though we just started this blog, we want to get a good amount of cast members so we can start recording stuff for you guys off the bat. So here’s what you can do to help, just tell others about this blog and that they can still audition for many parts. You don’t have to do this but it would help the casting process a lot and help us start making content.

Sincerely, The Admin (see how I did that it looks cool and mysterious right?)