homestuck update notifier

So last night I found out about the Homestuck update notifier and decided to download and check it out… It’s cute and all and it really works! XD

Though, I missed the update prompt cuz I was out of the room and busy elsewhere at the time.. Just earlier my brother told me that Nepeta popped up purring away notifying for new updates XD Ah but he doesn’t really know who she is and couldn’t relate to Homestuck..

Yeah I made Nepeta my Macro along with cat purring sound ^-^ She’s not my fav troll or anything, I just found it cute and I like cats… The gif isn’t originally mine, I found it somewhere and just edited and added the “Update” above her…


i came back to my computer to see a pesterchum window open and i had this intense moment of confusion as i was like “what the absolute fuck???? how did this pop up, who is messaging me on pesterchum, i dont even have that installed anymore” until i realised and remembered this PICTURE of a pesterchum window is one of my homestuck update notifier macros lmao