homestuck titles

Sburb assigns Roles meant to CHALLENGE people.

That being said, here are the challenges/lessons of each class and aspect. (Except for Lord and Muse, due to the lack of info on them in canon)


Heir: learn to communicate and work with others to get things done

Seer: trust yourself and your own intuition

Knight: stop hiding behind a mask and stand by your friends

Witch: inspire/motivate others and stay optimistic/learn to let your burdens go

Rogue: control your emotions/impulses and become independent

Prince: become less image focused and narcissistic

Page: step out from the shadows and accept/embrace who you are

Maid: become less self centered and care/provide for others

Sylph: accept that you have an influence on reality and aren’t powerless and then use that to heal

Bard: care about others well being and spirituality, not just your own

Mage: realize your own talents and don’t get caught up in self deprecation

Thief: don’t be so concerned with what others think of you


Space: learn to balance your imagination and being grounded; either extreme is too much

Time: you’re either too independent or too dependent

Light: break down walls around your emotions and feel the consequences of your actions

Void: break out of your anti social shell without becoming over confident

Life: learn to be lively; neither lethargic or hyper

Doom: find balance between sacrificing your time for others and keeping it all to yourself

Blood: don’t be apathetic, but don’t be too overly sensitive either

Breath: learn to be assertive, not aggressive or passive

Heart: be sensitive to your own emotions but control them; don’t let them control you and don’t repress them

Mind: don’t think of yourself higher or lower than others due to your intelligence; inform others so everyone can understand

Hope: find balance between acceptance and skepticism

Rage: learn to control your anger; don’t repress it but don’t let it control you
Real Men Wear Tights Chapter 13: Intermission 2
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Surprise! We updated. Some of you thought it wouldn’t happen, but there you go. It’s an intermission, so that means it’s a lot smaller than our usual updates, but it should hopefully be funny enough to make up for that. The artwork for this chapter was done by the fabulous @cherryirises, so you’re in for a treat. Hope you enjoy!



(because im not sure if im actually going to end up finishing this)

anonymous asked:

Could you please do Thief of Heart?

A thief is defined as one who “steals their aspect for their own advantage.” Heart is the soul, as well as the self and emotions. Who you really are. A Thief of Heart would be someone who steals emotions from another to benefit themself, or uses emotions to steal things that will benefit themselves.

A Thief of Heart, when using emotions, the self, and the soul to steal things, would probably be a great person to have on the inside of things. They would probably show their true selves, garner a lot of sympathy and love, and generally be likable, until they commit the theft.

A Thief of Heart that steals emotions, the self, and the soul to benefit themself could be multiple things. Stealing souls might make them the Thief’s puppet, or maybe just really easy to kill as they are only a functioning body. Perhaps the Thief has an identity crisis and their enemies’ selves could be stolen to gain more of an idea on who they are.

Stealing emotions could mean a variety of things: stealing anger and negative emotions from their teammates to bring up the Thief’s will to do something, or stealing happiness and positive emotions from their enemies and use this on themself.

Looking at our Thieves: Vriska and Meenah. Vriska stole all the Luck/Fortune from Terezi’s coin flip, so that Vriska would be allowed to go fight Bec Noir. It did benefit her, to an extent: she was able to go fight Bec, but in turn, she also lost her life in doing so, as Terezi—as we all know—killed her before she could leave.

Meenah “stole” her friend’s lives in the Pre-Scratch Troll session. This benefit Meenah (and the others) so that they would exist in some form in the Post-Scratch world (thus, the Afterlife).  However, Meenah also lost her life in doing this (obviously).

A Thief of Heart could also lost their life to this. Perhaps it could be a goal of the Thief to not get selfish/cocky and keep things in moderation, lest they lose their life/anything else, really.

Also you get a pretty sweet (in my opinion) God Tier outfit:

External image

Hope this helped!


blessed image………………come back ancestors fandom i miss u 

tbh the happiest time of my life was when this art blog was 90% dolorosa so i think it’s kind of sweet that i would be drawing her again. i looked at the dates of some of my favorite hs pages today and i started having heart palpitations

starvoid  asked:

Could you explain Witch of Void?

Witch is the active manipulation class.  Witches are able to physically manipulate their aspect through themselves, rather than through others. Witches are speculated to be able to choose which area of their aspect to control, and are thought to have mastery over their aspect if they god tier. Witches are known for breaking the rules of their aspect, an example can be seen when Feferi creates an afterlife, almost as if overcoming the challenge of her aspect and creating life where there is none. An alternate universe Feferi who had reached god tier was able to overcome the death of The Mayor by extending his life span.  Jade had never left her island home but was able to change the laws of physics upon god tier and choose which space to  occupy, and which planet to be on during her time on the meteor with John by using her god tier powers. Damara traveled backwards in time on her meteor causing her to be “born” after Aradia before she went back to the time she should have lived in. 

The Void aspect is speculated to be the antithesis of the Light aspect, because whereas Light represents knowledge, Void represents the concealing of knowledge and information, and is about secrecy. Roxy seemed to cause blackouts in Calliope viewing her session, Darkleer was able to hide a magic cue ball from Doc Scratch, and Equius tried to hide Nepeta from Gamzee before he went to seek him. Heroes of Void have been noted to use the fistkind specibus at some point, which is basically the lack of a weapon, tying in with the aspect of Void. Void players seem skilled at being able to “slip through the cracks” and go unnoticed when they have to be. Rose’s mom often seemed to appear out of the shadows and disappear into them again almost magically, also tying in with the Void aspect. Void powers seem to be incredibly powerful, because apart from the ability to conceal information they have also demonstrated power such as being able to become invisible, and Roxy as the Rogue of Void was able to steal the nothingness from an object, thus conjuring it from thin air. An example of this can be seen when she stole the nonexistence from a perfectly generic object.

The Witch of Void will manipulate Void through his/herself. This player will likely have similar power to Roxy, where she stole the nonexistence from objects, Witches would be able to manipulate it, perhaps even giving nonexistence to something or someone else. This means the Witch would be able to hide, conceal and black out anyone or anything if they reached god tier, unlocking their full power. The Witch would also be able to  summon objects from thin air by moving or manipulating the concept of nothingness surrounding it. Since Witches break the rules of their aspect, the Witch of Void may do this by revealing a huge truth, breaking the rules of void and secrecy, or perhaps be born into fame or exposed to the public their whole lives, or some situation similar. The Witch will also have to be able to overcome the challenges of Void (like people being able to see or sense them), and may be able to turn themselves invisible or undetectable. They will be skilled at hiding information and concealing themselves. The Witch is an active class but that does not mean that  they will focus all their power upon themselves, as canon Witches have been seen to strive to help their friends. The Witch of Void will likely help keep others hidden too. A challenge the Witch of Void may face is to ensure they aren’t covering themselves up too much to the point of isolation, or blocking others out too much, and ensuring that  they’re using their power for the good of the session. This player also may experience difficulties in the way of people not understanding them. The Witch of Void will be able to choose which things they would like to keep hidden and will have a huge degree of control over their aspect and  powers. The Witch of Void will choose how to control secrecy and concealment.

maraschino-mermaid  asked:

Thief of Doom?

What a strange God Tier… Thief of Doom would steal Doom from others to benefit themselves. But how does one benefit from Doom…?

Most people connect Doom with sacrifice, and believe it to be Life’s opposite, as well as Sburb’s rules. Perhaps they steal impending Doom from teammates, and keep them alive in battles. Since Doom is also connected with fate and destiny, perhaps they steal the fate or destiny, maybe even the sacrifice of another player, and perhaps this benefits them by allowing them to ascend to God Tier or something like that. It’s pretty difficult to explain.

Coupled with a Hero of Life (preferably a Maid or Sylph) this might be a very good team member!

This Thief would be kind. I mean, they steal doom from their team. They’d be kind hearted, probably would be disgusted by the idea of leaving anyone behind. They value other people’s lives above their own. This Doom player would probably play like a Heart player.

Powers are VERY difficult for this God Tier. Any ideas? I’d love to hear them.

Also your God Tier outfit is badass:


External image


coolcat101s  asked:

Explain the Maid of Heart, please?

The Maid is unconfirmed to be either passive or active, but seeing as how a maid is a person “employed in domestic service”, or someone employed to clean up after others, I am going to assume that it is a passive class. Maids are said to be similar to Heirs,  where as Heirs “inherit” their aspect, Maids are “made of it”. Maids are thought to be able to serve their aspect, by giving it to others or themselves to help overcome challenges the session may provide. After Jack Noir stabbed Jane, she was able to provide herself with Life and restore herself to full health. Aradia stayed behind and sent Dave, Rose and the remaining Trolls except Sollux to the Alpha session, telling them she’d try to slow  down Jack Noir  - providing them  with time. She was also be able to freeze Jack Noir in time, delaying his attack and providing herself with time. She was also able to provide her session with time to escape Jack when he destroyed their access to their newly created universe by sending her robotic clones to attack him while the others escaped. Aradia refers to the tidying of time loops as “house keeping” at one point, a direct link to the role of  a maid.

The Heart aspect represents soul, personality and essence of being. What makes you, you. Heart players are said to walk the path  of self, meaning these payers will strive to learn more about themselves, discovering who they are - or perhaps less willing Heart players will have no choice but to uncover truth about themselves. This aspect is said to cause splintering in a hero’s personality, perhaps as a consequence for the route to self discovery they find themselves on, they will have to splinter many times before they find their center, and what they find in their hearts which they pride themselves on most, who they really are - their identity. Examples of splintering within Heart players can be seen in Nepeta’s fondness for role-play, and how she lives a life she wishes she could lead within a character she created for herself. This can also be seen in Dirk’s various versions of himself, such as his Auto Responder, his robot & his dream self which he can keep conscious at the same time as his regular self. The Heart emotion also deals in feelings of love or attraction. This can be noted within the Leijon’s passion for shipping. Heart players may be sensitive and sympathetic, understanding troubles of the heart and being passionate individuals themselves - destroyer classes possibly being an exception. Heart players are notorious for suffering heartbreak, as can be seen within the unrequited love between Nepeta and Karkat, the tragic end to the matespritship between Meulin and Kurloz, and the unsuccessful relationship between Dirk and Jake. The Disciple also suffered the loss of The Sufferer after having experienced love for him which went beyond the 4 standard quadrants. The Heart aspect is linked to intuition and is believed to be the antithesis of the Mind aspect.

The Maid of Heart would provide others with an identity, a sense of self,  and personality. in essence, they would help others discover themselves. the Maid of Heart would also be able to provide his/herself with a sense of identity, and like all Heart players would have the challenge of going on a quest of self discovery. The Maid of  Heart would likely suffer personality splintering during this challenge however, and it would be their duty to make sure others didn’t fall apart and forget to be loyal to themselves. The Maid of Heart’s work may go unappreciated at times and people may be ignorant to all the work he/she is actually doing, but they have to be strong and be sure to do it all anyway. The Maid of Heart may be able to “put on masks” and appear a certain way in the face of an enemy. For example, they may make everyone appear to be more self-fufilled and strong than  they actually are in order to protect them. Also, like all other Heart players, The Maid of Heart may find him/herself to be unlucky in love. The Maid of Heart will probably be very intuitive and may also be quite a good judge of character.  It is also possible the Maid of Heart will be a very passionate and understanding individual. The Maid of Heart will need to ensure everyone in the session feels happy with who they  are in order to succeed. Their power will be harnessed through others, and upon reaching godtier will be able to provide his/herself and others with a sense of self more easily and readily. 

CA: stop movvin around so coddamn much and find a wway to get us dowwn
TA: we 2hould probably have left tz alone.
TA: ii’m not 2uper fond of playiing “criimiinal 2cum”.
CA: incredible deduction an conclusion i am in fuckin awwe a your amazin mental powwers
CA: wwait
CA: you havve psionics you douche get us dowwn this instant
TA: nah, maybe later. <3<

anonymous asked:

What would a Bard of Doom be like? What role would they serve in their session?

A Bard of Doom would be defined as “one who invites the destruction of Doom”, or “one who invites destruction through Doom”.  In short, Bards of Doom are possibly the wildest of wildcards!  They take the Bard’s ability to single-handedly save or destroy their session, and amp it up a considerable number of notches.

A Bard of Doom could invite destruction through fate’s will, basically meaning that they could be the catalyst or centerpiece of some convoluted disaster, possibly without even knowing it.  Or they could invite the destruction of death, meaning that they perform actions that ultimately (and again, possibly without the Bard even knowing it) save someone’s life!

…or, in the more negative situation, a Bard of Doom could possibly be interpreted to mean that they invite destruction through death…basically meaning that, if the Bard wants something destroyed, then they will make sure that thing is destroyed, and will probably wreak havoc in their attempts to do so.

In this case, hope to god your Bard isn’t trigger-happy, or you might have problems.

Furthermore, the Bard of Doom has the potential ability to invite the destruction of fate and structure, making it so that their actions start making SBURB, being such a fate and destiny-oriented game start slowly unraveling at the seams, creating glitches in the mechanics that could lead to a much more interesting session…although, in some cases, it might be an unwinnable one.

Do not move or you will troll yourselves

This is the problem with being easily amused. You’re having fun in your own perception of the world, and others don’t know how to react to it because you’re so different than they are, and you’re not falling into the normal parameters of what they’re used to as far as interacting with others.

… That was more verbose than I expected.

This is not gonna end well. Kanaya’s pasting John’s conversation as Rose, so a younger John can read it. 

This is gonna have hilarious consequences, or something profound will be said.

Ah, so, movie critic part 2. 

… Well…

John in the future trolled Kanaya by impersonating Rose.
That conversation caused Kanaya to troll Rose in the past.
Which led Kanaya to contact John to troll him.

So, yeah, they’re all being trolled.

anonymous asked:

Witch of Light? .w.

Tons of people have been asking me for this.

(sorry about lack of posts, but I just got all made up in work in school. I’ll try to be more consistent from now on.)

A Witch is one who “manipulates their aspect.” Also, Witches tend to “break the rules.”

Light is “fortune and luck” as well as the “power over outcomes.”

A Witch of Light would manipulate fortune and luck in her favor. It really depends on the Witch’s character. If she’s a kind person, she’ll share this power with others. If not, I feel that she’ll act a lot like Vriska, but doesn’t STEAL it from others. She only MANIPULATES it, which is different. With Stealing, the other person has NO luck. Vriska left Terezi with NO LUCK after the coin flip.

A Witch of Light… they don’t just leave their enemy with a lack of good luck… they also provide BAD luck. The Witch would be able to literally manipulate light, perhaps even be able to take the light from a lamp from one place to her current location.

So a Witch of Light is a fucking useful person to have on a team. She’s probably a big target though, so watch out.

She’d probably have issues with Void players, too. Just to mention. If their Void-ey powers are strong enough, they could probably hide their luck from the Witch’s view.

Also you look like this:


(oh man sorry there are like NO unused Witch of Light pictures on Google)

(credit to titleaspectexplanations for the picture)