– Complete Deobfuscation of Rose’s Text!!! –


I still can’t believe it. That reddit suggestion for singling out the parts of it that were exactly the text color of Rose within a threshold was good, but I thought they could have done a better job of typing over it, and it turns out you could get a VERY precise account of certain letters whether or not their pixels overlapped with the white in the background! Building on our initial theorywork, I merged every frame of the gif, used some text filters, then got the help of the MSPA Clubhouse Chat to figure out the words that fit without violating the pixels and: BLAM. Two hours later, look at this beautiful, beautiful thing.

Here’s the transcript in text form:

  • TT: I believe Jade has officially gone grimbark.
  • TT: She seems to be working against us now. She has split us up,
  • keeping us quarantined to our own planets.
  • TT: I believe she’s functioning at the behest of the Condesce,
  • through some form of coercion or mind control.
  • TT: This means she’s attempting to finish our session for us 
  • while keeping us separated and neutralized. ((could be more here))
  • TT: But there appears to be a reason for the way she has divided
  • and grouped us. She may still have a purpose for us.
  • TT: I think however John has managed to elude her. Have you heard from him?
  • TG: damn she wasnt kidding
  • TG: this is surreal   
  • TT: Dave, I’m having trouble understanding you. 
  • TG: yeah i cant understand a word youre saying 

NOTE: The “((could be more here))” is NOT in the original image, as you can see in the 2nd in-progress one by all the jade-green pixels it creates! That was just me noting that there’s a block there where there’s no way to tell if there’s any additional text. Sorry for the confusion!

(We’re probably going to get the other side of this log in a few days and it’ll all have been for nothing :P )

(EDIT: In case you’re curious, here are some of the in progress images from while we worked! EDIT2: And if you’re skeptical about some of the word choices, open up Photoshop and try replacing them in the first visible text layer in this original PSD file (warning, 12.5MB)! :D Remember to zoom in, because if you see a single stray jade-green pixel, that means your letter doesn’t fit :P )

Thanks to LegendaryQ, whitehelm, Zircean, CyclopsCaveman, and slovenlysine/Brumathan (the latter’s their forum name), and I believe I’ve shown I’ve done enough work myself too. :)

(EDIT 2013.08.01: For more deobfuscation of glitches, try my Glitch Deobfuscation tag!)

he even talks about the lord of all angels

if that’s not Lord English/Caliborn I will eat my scarf

Eridan really was killing cherubs (or some lower form of them) and no one took his problems seriously AND NOW THEY HAVE TO KILL LORD ENGLISH AND ERIDAN IS THE ONLY ONE WITH CHERUB KILLING EXPERIENCE AND HE’S DEAD

god damn it

These are mostly people who were revived by a kiss or died on their god tier beds. As pointed out to me by theeldritchdreamer, that means that for the versions of them who died, there are no second chances. Their dream selves got to assume their memories and go on as the main version, but for the versions who died, it’s over.



Look at John’s face, he looks so confused and even frightened, because he was led to believe that he just needed to be brave and it would be okay. Dirk’s clever plan means nothing. All this time we thought death was nothing in the comic, but now Hussie turns around and lets us know that death always meant something, even when people thought they were silly for being afraid, when they found the courage to do what they thought was necessary anyway, no matter what.

Just take some time to contemplate and let that sink in.

Why Hussie's Panel Breaking Is Important

Okay so a couple days ago someone was complaining about this excellent article and saying that “anyone blown away by a character breaking through a panel deserves to be ridiculed a bit”, and I started this whole long rebuttal to them but then I got bored. Suffice it to say that they missed the point of the article, the point being not that Hussie’s breaking of the medium is revolutionary in and of itself (the author mentions how this has been done many times in the past), but that Hussie is breaking and changing mediums in ways literally never done before (remember the infamous John’s Arm Retcon spree? I truly think academics will look back on that as a defining moment in the advent of meta- and hyperfiction), and also that he does these things with a large amount of symbolic and metaphoric resonance, not just because it’s cool to see a thing breaking out of a previously defined boundary.

And this recent update exemplified that beautifully. Observe:

Here is the first panel of the sequence. Everything’s pretty normal, and the Mayor is being cute. But then, on the next page, Dave drops a bombshell:

and what does the panel to this revelation look like?

Ah yes, and here we have one of our first, and prettiest examples of this particular mode of panel-breaking. Now, obviously Homestuck has messed with the medium many many times, but this particular iteration is actually fairly new.

For example, the layout of the site has changed according to a new storytelling mode multiple times:

The layout got doubled up:

It’s even become broken on occasion:

But you’ll notice something in all those occasions - the sanctity of the panels remained intact. Even in the page where Caliborn is br8king the site - the site bounces around, but the shit in the panel stays in the panel. A couple things like the candycorn fall INTO the panel and become part of the comic, but nothing escapes.

Until now.

Now, to be fair, this is not technically the first time we’ve had this - just a few updates ago we had John escape through some combination of The Windy Thing and whatever lingering effects of putting his arm in the Homestuck logo may still be there (how much of his powers are attributable to which source, just like how much of Dog Tier Jade’s powers are attributable to being God Tier or attributable to being part-First Guardian is not something we know for certain yet):

However, to my mind we have not yet had an example of this panel-breaking that is being done statically. You see, John is momentarily breaking through the panel to end up somewhere else, to be later firmly ensconced back in the panel:

Note that when he has finished his transportation mode and has resumed corporeal humanoid form, he immediately stops breaking the panel, as soon as he begins the transition from mere Windy Thing to John, Heir of the Windy Thing. Whereas in the recent updates:

We have both Jade and Dave brazenly breaking the panel, and not as a quick mode of transportation to some other point in the story, but as a statement of their current being. Now, remember the quote I pulled earlier:

And then look at Dave in the explanation that follows:

And then it all comes to a rather terrifying head (pun intended, I am so so sorry):

Now why on Earth, could now, of all times, Hussie chosen for the characters to begin breaking out of the constraints that have bound them for over 4 years? Now, remember that a character breaking the panel like this is not exactly new in the art world, and not the most innovative thing Hussie has done. In fact, it’s fairly simple and could have been done ages ago - after all, making your gif a bit larger than usual is a hell of a lot easier than turning the panel into an hour-long interactive walk-around.

Hussie has been carefully saving this particular trick up his sleeve for a long time, and why? Because our heroes, and the story itself, is on the very edge of disaster. Sure, it might seem like we are somewhat killing time with these updates, but let’s review the facts: two of our heroes are completely evil, one of them is racing THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF JACK NOIR back to the action, John is being passive as usual, inconsequentially floating about, maybe clearing out some dust here or there, but he isn’t grasping the reigns and taking a Friendleadership position, our two tactical masterminds are hungthefuckover, Roxy’s in jail, who knows where Jake is but he is probably under Condy’s watch in some way or another, Davesprite is off sulking with Arquiusprite, and Karkat and Kanaya… well, Karkat just lost his 1-up from Jane, but beyond that, Karkat and Kanaya, you’re excused.


And what’s Dave doing? He is flat-out refusing to do what needs to be done. This goes beyond him refusing morals, or helping friends, or destiny. He is refusing the will of the Alpha Timeline.

And we all know what happens to Daves that try to thwart the will of the Alpha Timeline:

In the recent update, Dave has started to eschew the boundaries of his quest and what the Alpha Timeline expects of him, and as he does this, he starts to break through the very panels of the comic itself, in a delightfully well-done example of what we in the biz call metaphoric resonance.

Through Hussie’s breaking with 4 years of tradition, he is showing us just how much Dave is straying from the path (even if his reasons are good ones) through an excellent use of visual metaphor (meta-metaphor?), and also how much this is angering Jade and bringing her close to going off the rails of the plan, and doing something drastic and against both the wills of Condy AND the Alpha Timeline.

But when Jade figures out a way to bend Dave to her and the timeline’s will?

We are suddenly back in four-square-walls land, with the usually defined borders and parameters. And this is what Hussie is able to do that makes his genre, rule, ground, and medium-breaking so exciting: he is breaking these carefully laid-out constraints, not just because it’s cool, but because it visually and directly informs the reader of the state of the story, even before they read the accompanying text.

And that is why Hussie is both an artist, and a genius.


So…you know Nepeta’s Lusus, Pounce de Leon? 

YEAH, so today I was thinking, ‘that sounds an awful lot like Ponce de Leon.“ So I looked him up, and it turns out that he helped find Puerto Rico and founded the first colony. Cool. But I found out that the colony and the entire coast of Puerto Rico BECAME KNOWN FOR WHAT? SHIPPING AND TRADING. IT BECAME KNOW FOR SHIPPING GUYS. 


(art source: brigriv)

If Jake English follows the route of the Headless Horseman and gets decapitated, his body jacked and possessed by the very incarnation of Lord English he successfully defeats…

And Jane Crocker follows Damara Megido’s storyline, inverting against her Maid of Life role, killing )(er Condescension and inheriting her powerful immortality curse…

Crocker and English - Jane and Jake! - would serve as the LAST BOSSES of the alpha session!

okay, i’m gonna try my hand at a small theory here. remember these rings? the ring of void and the ring of life? well we both know the ring of void is god knows where, but who was the last owner of the ring of life?


now, remember what meenah was worried about?

she knew she’d steal the ring one day, but, her post-scratch self might want to steal it as well.

and with jade and jane working as her little puppets, she could easily do that. jade knows that john has the ring because she must have seen john with it several times, but, she might not know that its still back on the ship. she could easily think that john has it on his person right now. 

which could easily explain why she took john and sent everyone else to different planets. she’s trying to get the ring, but, john manages to get away.

as Rose has stated.

Now, addressing a theory I’ve seen on my dash several times now that regards back to when Doc Scratch said that John will die, and how people think John will die saving someone; I do think this is true (sadly), but remember the ring of life!! I’m sure that Jade will catch on that John might not have the ring, in which she’ll realize that it’s back at the ship, which makes it easy for her to steal. However, since John has escaped, he could easily warn the others, meaning they’d have to find a way to get the ring back which means, they’d have to fight for it.

john could easily die saving someone in the next few updates (my guess is dave, since as a time player, he could pose the biggest threat to jade which means that the condesce would want him dead). if, however, john does warn the others and tells them about the ring, then if john did die, if they managed to get the ring back, then they could use it on john.

so to sum it up:

-jade is after john for the ring

-john has managed to get away

-the ring is highly vulnerable

-dave might be the one john saves

-there will be a fight for the ring, which could be john’s only chance if he dies 

Let's look at Nepeta's claws

First, the page after her intro…

Those claws are white, 3 per hand, and come out of grey fingerless gloves.

Next, let’s look at this adorable picture of her attacking Equius…

The claws are blue, hooked at the end, 4 per hand, and come out of blue gloves.

Nepeta changed her claws.  She most likely alchemized new claws at some point after entering the game.

There are 2 canon types of Nepeta claws.  That should make cosplaying a bit easier.

i dont know if anyones mentioned this before, but im re-reading homestuck, and i got to the bits where you explore LOCAH as jane, and if you read the writing on the pillars near the lights, it says something slightly foreboding:

“then a mighty gust came and took the light of our life as well”

is it just me, or is this implying that John is going to kill Jane??

— The Green Sun’s Destruction —

I am my master’s weapon. His soldier in a war of one bullet fired. But when that bullet clears the barrel, it won’t be my finger on the trigger. I’m a facilitator, not an assassin.

The image above is the track art for a song on the Alterniabound album called “Killed by 8r8k Spider!!!!!!!!”. Unlike most of the other art on that album, it appears that Andrew may have quietly commissioned the specific image from Lexxy. Interesting, no?

Among other things, this sparked a bunch of theories way back when that Vriska would steal the light of the Green Sun, destroying it, perhaps to come back to life. But that theory never made any sense! There are a million dead Thieves of Light from sessions throughout Paradox Space, of all races and creeds, and that’s not counting the doomed copies of Vriska! If Vriska’s god-tier Thief of Light powers could have made a single dent in the Sun, then any old ghost could have done the same damage. (AhPoorDogsbody even suggested the doomed Beta!Vriska that fought Jack could do it!) There was no logical reason any iteration of Vriska would be that special, much less that powerful.

Until now.

Because now, we know that hidden within the cherubs’ lollipop juju exists AURYN, the all powerful wishing-amulet from the Neverending Story: An item absolutely unique in Paradox Space, able to supercharge one’s role abilities and serving as the ultimate cheat code!

In my previous posts, I covered in one how Doc Scratch intentionally engineered Vriska’s death so she would lead Lord English straight to the Alpha session, and in another how as the ultimate cheat code, AURYN happens to be the Ultimate Weapon which Vriska is seeking, and she can likely use its power to come back to life.

And now we know what comes next.

Just as Doc Scratch exploited Spades Slick’s nature to have him kill Snowman, destroying the trolls’ universe… Doc Scratch has arranged things so that Vriska will use AURYN’s power to steal the Green Sun’s Light, causing it to collapse into a Black Hole that tears an enormous BREACH in Paradox Space, spelling reality’s eventual destruction!

There’s so much evidence for this under the cut that I don’t even know what to say anymore. It’s been planned from as far back as Vriska’s introduction.

Keep reading

I’ve been mulling over my own aspect theories. This is a very rough outline (and some of the spaces aren’t 100% accurate) but it’s good enough for my explanation. The closer the aspects are on the chart ,the more similar they are, and the closer they are to one of the four ‘pure’ aspects, or so I call them, the more they relate to one of the four corners. An aspect’s “opposite” lies on the opposite side of the circle… yeah, you get the picture.

To explain it in other terms, in my mind there are four 'quadrants’ of the aspects. Heart aspects deal with 'feeling’ or intuition and that includes Light, Heart and Space. Diamond aspects deal with 'form’ or organization (specifically of team members), and those aspects are Breath, Life and Blood. Spades deal with fighting for something and those are Hope, Doom and Rage. The final quadrant, the Clover, includes Void, Mind and Time and they deal exclusively with function. I think of them as the ones who get stuff done or have the potential to get the most stuff done. Obviously some of them go outside of their quadrant and some encompass all four in some ways, but this helps me remember them.

  • Light: Fortune, Knowledge, Being
  • Breath: Being, Fortune, Alliances
  • Life: Knowledge, Alliances, Others
  • Blood: Others, Alliances, Judgement
  • Mind: Others, Judgement, Manipulation
  • Time: Alliances, Manipulation, Duty
  • Void: Obscurity, Manipulation, Duty
  • Hope: Manipulation, Duty, Emotion
  • Doom: Manipulation, Soul, Emotion
  • Rage: Emotion, Self, Soul
  • Heart: Emotion, Soul, Being
  • Space: Soul, Knowledge, Being

I have in-comic examples for most of (if not all) of these, so let me know if you have any questions. >w<