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Cerenaya guest stars in other comics!

So I did a style exercise;; Because it’s been a very long time since I’ve tried my hand at a master study, so I decided on webcomics I love!

K-ON (not a comic, but borrowed from miyu_mon’s original template!) | Homestuck | Long Exposure by sm0keplanet | Blackgrass by Kinomatika | Ava’s Demon by Michelle Czajkowski

and of course my original watercolor sketch style! :3 Learned the most from sm0keplanet bc at some point, you just gotta stop hitting ctrl-z and let a line be a line!

I’d probably be super annoyed if a story I wrote acquired a big enough fandom that people started appropriating my characters and altering key elements of who they are to make them into almost entirely new people for the fan’s own purposes.

well, at first anyway.  I expect you get used to it.  fortunately, though, I doubt I’ll ever have to! u-u

This is my Homestuck Ending Bingo Card! Template by traceexcalibur.

It’s in the Light colors, because my aspect is probably Light and so that the heroes all have extra luck in the update.

I might re-arrange some of the items later, so that the organization makes a little more sense. However, I’m keeping all of the entries, no matter how weird some of them might be.

Text under the cut, for vision impaired readers or in case this color scheme hurts your eyes.

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