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Who’s looking forward to Hauntswitch?

Everyone always calls Homestuck a “webcomic”, but I feel like that descriptor doesn’t really work. Yeah, it’s on the internet and it’s mostly told through images, but it also has Flash animations, playable sections (also in Flash), text displayed both as script-like dialogue exchanges and adventure-game style narration, and important story segments on both Vine and Snapchat.

That’s not a webcomic. On the downside, that isn’t really anything that exists outside it.

Lazy Sunday Mornings

It’s dawn

so Hetalia opens an eye

and thinks of all the things he needs to do today-

the food to be eaten, the dashboards to be checked, the fanfiction to be written-

so he twists, and starts to sit up.

Starts to, because Homestuck wraps an arm around and pulls him close

and whispers


Hetalia isn’t quite sure why, but he likes the feel of it warm against his ear

so he relaxes back against Homestuck’s chest

listens to his heartbeat

and smiles.

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