homestuck snow cosplay



Anywho, I went to detour this weekend and i loved it so much!!!
I was Wednesday Addams for most of Friday, then changed into a different makeup look and outfit a bit later
Saturday, I was Heather Chandler for a bit, but easily got uncomfortable so u changed into Rosie the rest of the day (with @charismaticck as Jade!).
/sidenote: I’m so sorry anyone at the homestuck photo shoot, my skirt was doing it’s own thing with the wind— I flashed a lot of people and honestly was just done with it./
And Sunday I was Snow White!! I had a really good time overall, though there were some weird patches but I enjoyed myself a lot!!


shitty art yay

I cbb cropping them because I’m posting these from a computer

the instagrams for the people in order is

@ -  daddytbh

@ - triggerwarningrat

@ - slothinsocks

@ - snowthesaltqueen

@ - stridong