homestuck shota

thank you so much to @anoneifanocs for designing this darling little fae child, i only wish i’d had time to draw him up a ref sooner~~~

i have big plans for this kid, so stay tuned to everyone else (*^∀゚)ъ

edit: also please for the love of god, click or fullview, tumblr absolutely wrecked the quality as usual,,

minjing-kun  asked:

hello,i love your style,can i request mermaidstuck jake and dirk,they can be both mermaid,its up to you www thanks


マーメイドスタックって何だろう… これで大丈夫なのかな?普段こういう絵は描かないので良い経験になった気がします。ありがとうございました!

これでHDC3期間に頂いたリクエストは全て消化いたしました。これから夏コミに向けて、Homestuckのdoujinshiの原稿期間に入ります。stridercest(brodave, brodirk)でdirkjake要素がちょっとあるfor adult doujinshiです。場合によって書店委託できたらなあと思っていますがどうなんでしょ。まずは間に合うと良いなあ…。


ジョンさんがShowtimeでジェイクはEncore(アンコール)なとこもいいし0:44から裏でUnite Synchronization(ダークさんのテーマ)がかかってて1:05からメインが逆転するのとか最高にホモ(so gay)


Nepeta and Equius are such cute moirails :3

(I hope I spelled that right)

I love their little roleplaying sessions. Equius has never been my favorite troll but his interactions with Nepeta make him more endearing to me than just him alone.

This pic can also be seen on my dA:


Hey guys! I’m opening commisions! I’ve gotten enough asks about this that I’m gonna do it!

My family recently moved from our home in Arkansas all the way to Colorado. Due to anxiety about leaving and the job I have here, I chose to stay behind. I’m currently couch surfing more or less, staying with my best friend and her mother while I can. They are in danger of having to leave their home, though, and I will not be able to stay with them much longer. I currently have a very inadequate job and am looking for something else, but have no car or way to get around outside of my friends. 

I’m hoping to earn money with these commissions to get me on my feet and to get a car!!

Things I will do:

  • fan art
  • animal features (not furries)
  • original characters
  • somewhat nsfw
  • sfw loli/shota

Things I won’t do

  • furries
  • mecha
  • very explicit art
  • homestuck
  • nsfw loli/shota art

For additional characters

  • Colored Sketch: $1
  • Lineart: $3
  • Lineart with color: $5
  • Painting: $7

The prices listed are for no background, or simple backgrounds. If you request a complex background the price will be higher depending on the background.

If you have any interest in a commission, or would like to donate towards my visit to my family, my Paypal is!

If you have any questions, you can contact me through my ask box, or via email at

If you are interested, please drop this form in my ask box or email!

Name/what I should call you:

Type of commission:

Description of commission(please include refs/detailed description if you are commissioning an OC):

Email Address:

Anything else I should know?


You got a RIBBITAR

Foes everywhere tremble at the mere sight of this lethal amphibious scourge. So overwhelming is their terror that… ha ha, yeah right. This sword is almost too ridiculous for words. It’s a nice conversation piece though.

#aw shit is this made of ruby??? #COME TO MAMA

meenah: shota-lover

dave: kidbunni

photographer: me