homestuck shipping olympics

Team Rosemary: Practically Perfect In Every Way

This should be transparent, if it’s not I still have about five other copies, so well covered. I might have to beg my teammates to do something with this- maybe get one of the arty sorts with Photoshop to add some fancy lettering. Or, you know, a background.

“supercausticsnarkaliciouscrossdimentionlesbos”- Non


Woah okay so I know I already posted one of the banners, but I made more! So here’s a post with all the stuff I made for Team Windicuffs, I hope you guys like them :D

The cloud one is my least favorite idk when I found the panel I was like ooh I could do something cool with this, but there aren’t very many Jake panels that would work for that :P So yeah but I really like the other two, especially the silhouette-y one!