homestuck scarves

woooo snazzy lil blog update today: now featuring scarves and pericopter

the original art obviously isn’t mine, i just put the images together and cleaned them up. feel free to use them on your own blogs!! (especially if you remember to credit me<3)

code is here

now go look at how nifty they look on my blog B)

btw, would anyone be interested in more versions of these? like with other characters and doo-dads? hmu if you have a request yo

i made some things for both myself and my friend

i made homestuck scarves for blogs :3c

i made a brojohn one:

and i made a davekat one

and i made an erisol one

if anyone wants one made for a specific homestuck pairing, i can make it. :3c

I have all the pixels and stuff. u vu

just message me with a pairing and a quadrant and i can try my best!

since it took me ages to find a code and stuff, i’m gonna link to a post that showed me how to do it and you can find it here