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As someone who’s only been on Tumblr for almost 2 years, I love hearing stories about what this site was like years ago before I joined. I hear people bring up things like “Dashcon”, and “Tumblr Prom” and the Superwholock/Homestuck/Onceler fandoms and I’m just like

What happened? What was it like? How did you people live?

I wanna know.

NYC Promstuck 2012 - Eridan & Feferi

This is all I’ll post till I get home, but! Promstuck was wonderful. ;v; Thanks for including me, NYC Homestucks!! XOXOXO

Credit for photo to: volvere, Lu! (This is especially incredible considering that she was so drunk while this picture was taken that she had decided to become a curtain.)

I began reading Homestuck finally. I read it before, but only made it until Act 5 then dropped it like it’s hot. Now I am reading it in full, as in, no skipping anything and reading all the chatlogs. All of them. And now I appreciate it and understand it more. My bro disapproves, but haters gonna hate. Homestuck is good.

I had designed a prom dress for Terezi a while back, but I didnt really do much with it and I kinda lost the original drawing somewhere. So I just went by memory. I just wanted to draw a cute girl in a dress, but also draw some fanart of Homestuck. So Terezi @ Troll Prom or something it is. And of course I had to vomit glitter all over it and found some shinnies to stick to it as well, ruining it even more. Also I thought it was the best idea evur to put the Libra constellation on her dress and now I’m starting to think that was the worst idea ever.

terezi best troll fite me

fuckin prom part the second

External image

wweh fef is goin to prom wwith sol evven though she said yes to me

i dont knoww wwhat to do

External image

maybe i should eat some ice cream

External image

or listen to some music

External image

or drink awway my sorrowws

External image

there’s alwways killin evveryone

External image

hmmmm wwhat wwould my ancestor dualscar do hmmmmm

wwait i got this

External image


External image

this eligible prince is lookin for a prom date cmon you knoww you wwanna see my big gun

((If the GIFs aren’t moving click here to go right to the post. Yeeeeaaaah this is really silly and stupid but I had fun doing it. Also, the Dualfang picture is a commission from Emi! Hope you guys LOL’d))