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aand both photosets combined, I also added Calliope so there’s the full set of eeveelutions 8’)

Beta Kids | Alpha kids

sometimes asters are associated with virgo

literally means ‘star’ but in flower language can mean 'elegance’ so i think it fits well?


John - Denten
Dave - Tooch
Rose - Tamara
Jade, Meenah, Porrim, Aradia- Jay
Jake - Luke
Jane - Kylee
Dirk - Austin
Roxy - Cat
Karkat, Sollux, Kankri
- Case
Nepeta, Feferi
- Jane
Kanaya - Maddi
Terezi, Latula - Afina
Vriska, Damara, Meulin - Kira
- Lunarch
Gamzee, Horrus - Tyler
Eridan - James
Rufioh, Tavros
- Cory
Mituna, Kurloz, Kronus - Mic
Aranea - Jessica

Art by Jessica and Jay

Made with SoundCloud

I mean I guess you could headcanon collegestuck Rose as color-coding her notes and keeping an impeccable notebook that she graciously loans out to her classmates and intimidating everyone with her competence and brilliance but like… have you seen her bedroom. Have you seen how she reacted to her quest.

I’d bet my nonexistent collection of wizard statues that by the end of her first year in college, Rose is one of those people who participates in class discussion constantly and is always willing to debate the readings, but turns in sloppy papers riddled with typos and lacking a coherent structure. She’s the student who has an A+ in participation and an average of 60% on most of the written assignments, mostly from points off due to lateness. If you stopped her and asked her about the prompt for one of her assigned papers, she could give you a verbal treatise about her position on it complete with paragraphs and footnotes, but an hour before it’s due she’s writing fanfiction and getting into arguments on the internet and reblogging aesthetic posts. 

Her classmates think she’s the most intimidatingly smart person in the course. Her friends know she’s a hot mess. Her teachers tell her she has a lot of potential but they don’t think she’s applying herself. They’re all right. 

Whenever people tell me about my… presence here on tumblr, they almost overwhelmingly bring up this decades old drawing, which, yeah, I love trans Dave too, but for the love of god, take this new version instead.



I have been planning a small project for a while, and I finally have it rolling and in play: Welcome To The Jam.

This project, dubbed Welcome To The Jam is going to be an animation/picture slide music video. The video is going to be at least 5 minutes long, with most of the video playing “Space Jam.” There will be voicing in this video as well, but for now, this project is in need of artwork.

So this is where the artists come into play. In order for this project to get anywhere, it needs art. A lot of it. If you want to get involved, here is what you would need to do, and what this project is about and needs:

The video takes place bestly described in a ballroom/disco kind of place. There is a large crowd of trolls & kids and basically any Homestuck character you’d want to be in there. Squarewave and Sawtooth are on stage, Squarewave being at the mic, and Sawtooth being the DJ. They are playing the aforementioned song, Space Jam.

This is basically just a huge music jam.

This video requires many shots of the crowd dancing and busting out, as well as Squarewave & Sawtooth on the stage jamming out as well. Here are some crude pictures of what would be expected

External image

External image

External image

Now of course, they shouldn’t look like this. They should be actual drawings with colors. They don’t have to be perfect, or rushed. They can be doodles. However, they all need to have a similar colored background. 
The background will be a dark red, and there are various colored lights coming from above.

External image

The picture can range anywhere from just a couple people to a huge crowd. A lot of shots of the crowd dancing are needed, however. Again, any and all characters can be in the crowd. From Aradia to Kurloz, John to Dirk, Jack Noir to Erisolsprite, literally anyone and everyone!

(All pictures need to be on a 1280 x 720 [720p] scale to fit the video resolution)

If you are interested and want to participate, please draw as many shots as you’d like! When you complete your drawings, please upload them somewhere where they are in their original, full size and submit the link here. Depending on how many this project receives, not all of the pictures may be included. However, it would take A LOT of pictures to fill up 5 minutes, so everyone who submits should have their proper screen time. (GIFS ARE WELCOME)


If you have additional questions, feel free to send me an ask.

Even if you can’t participate, spread this around so other artists who may be interested can see it! I may personally go around scouting some artists from blogs such as ask blogs, but I want to know that people are interested!


aaaaaah the old days of warm sunny spring cosplay, how i missed it. with con season just weeks away for me, i thought i’d revisit and old favorite! Kanaya! 

just don’t notice the fact i have my horns on reversed, I SAID DONT NOTICE IT 




GG: <3

ahhh my jade cosplay was so much fun to be in! thank god for cosplays that are comfortable tbh. spending valentine’s day at katsu was probably the best thing ever :D so much love to everyone i met and hung out with! <33