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Inktober #1
I was just about to throw away my old school notebooks when i found this old doodle of vriska in one and decided to redraw it (in the same notebook lmao)

I tried to participate in last years inktober but my plans were way to elaborate so i gave up on day two. This year i’m gonna try to do little doodles like this instead


a homestuck nostalgia mix, in rough plot order

- [listen here]

showtime (piano refrain)malcolm brown & kevin regamey // sunriseerik sscheele // homestuckmark hadley // doctorclark powell & michael vallejo // creationtyler dever // alterniaseth peelle // keeperstoby fox // candles and clockwork (alpha version)alexander rosetti  // underfooterik scheele // cascadetoby fox // moonsettertoby fox // stargazenick smalley // do you remem8er memalcolm brown // heir of griefjoren de bruin // mother (piano)erik scheele // thanks for playingmax wright

Redraw of this old pic that somehow managed to get over 10k+ Notes

I´ve never really liked the original picture and thought it might be time to redraw it, but tbh I don´t like this version either :/ Guess that´s just how it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I tried explaining why I liked gravity falls so much to my friend the other day and… for some reason that was really difficult to do?? I told her that half the fun of the show was interacting with other fans and consuming/creating fan content but I couldn’t for the LIFE of me phrase it in a way that was very compelling. 

seriously how do you explain the absolute clusterfuck of hidden messages, illuminati bullshit, alternate universes, fan theories, red herrings, how much people flipped the fuck out when fan theories became CANON, the desperation and ridiculous memes brought about by hiatuses, the phenomenal praise and essential worship of alex hirsch, and the insanity of cipherhunt (which was basically hirsch’s love letter to the fans)?? 

it made me realize that man… the experience of gravity falls was really something else. I feel like you had to experience it as it was airing to truly understand why people loved it and STILL love it with such unparalleled ferocity

i,,, i miss it. i miss the silly fun i used to have before being shamed into not liking homestuck anymore. pointing and giggling at apple juice, wanting to watch con air, you cant fight the homestuck, buying gushers even tho i didnt like them, homestuck gif parties on youtube, reading johndave fanfiction,,, yeah, so it was kinda cringey. but it was fun. i had lots if fun, and,,, idk. i miss it.


Keep moving forward.

A Young Man Stands In His Room… - A Homestuck Nostalgia Playlist

Karkalicious - CantabileGato|The Condescension Song - Zanney Sperber|Blue Lips - Regina Specter|God Fucking Damnit, Dave - CantabileGato|You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring|The Twelve Trolls Of Christmas - Various|Nillili Mambo - Block B|Ugly Story - PhemieC|Eridan’s United States of Whatever - Octopimp|Love Me Dead - Ludo|Oh No! - Marina and the Diamonds|You Can’t Fight The Homestuck - Kylee Henke

Homestuck nostalgia post

Panty raid comic
Gif parties (if you’re really old)
Ask panels
That one Faygo dealer at every con
Realizing Faygo tastes like shit
March Eridan
Wild troll biology theories
You can’t fight the Homestuck
The blind Terezi cosplayer
Wondering what the ship war was today
Making upd8 cosplay in, like, 2 hours
When bucket jokes were considered legitimately funny and popular
Dead Nepeta jokes
“Homestuck could be updating RIGHT NOW!”
SBaHJ in general

Feel free to add more! There’s tons I missed