homestuck mystery girl


I wanna cry. This took almost two months but it HAPPENED. I constantly questioned why I decided to put myself through the HELL that was making this but it was all worth it. Welcome to your 20′s, Buttons, have a nightstand.


I just went to go see Coco and it was gorgeous. Since its been out for a while, nobody was there. As me and my mom were waiting in line for tickets, a girl maybe 13-15 was staring at me. I made eye contact with her and she just goes ‘I like your hoodie’. I look down and see that I’m wearing my dammek hoodie. Oh fuckin boy


8chan is planning on spamming tags with gore and triggering content on January 1st, 2015.

Operation: Fandom Collage is a go.

Everyone who can handle gore, porn and triggering content can help to ruin 8chan’s raid by saving as much fandom related content in a folder on your desktop and editting the posts by 8chan with them to make it look funny, shippy or whatever your heart desires!

Please spread the word to all your followers and anyone who you think may be interested, anyone and any fandom is welcome to help out!

Brought to you by,

-The Angel Resistance.

To all of you people that are fans of Homestuck and heard or know about the New Adventure game, I think the Mystery Girl’s name should be Jocelyn Mallone. But I didn’t came up with the name though two of my friends did and I like to credit them. Their names are Tomatsu Aire and Airwrecka Washington and yes I know his name is weird but he doesn’t mind. XD