homestuck music competition


Lemme just casually stick this here!~

Pulse - My Entry for Nepeta! Well Karkat too since it’s for Heart and Blood, but whatever. Let’s just say it’s Nepeta’s!

I never had time to finish it though. It’s incomplete, and I wanted to digitally do the piano because my recorder is all fuzzy and whatnot, but I guess I can’t. Maybe if Hussie likes it he’ll give me a chance to fix it??? (Chances are he won’t though, there are a lot of amazing entries out there :T)

Anyways I’ll still submit it even though it’s incomplete, I mean… might as well, right?

Ahaha I should stop rambling now. I hope you enjoy it! :)

A Walk in the Sun (Kanaya Maryam)
Ryan Bruce
A Walk in the Sun (Kanaya Maryam)

Voila my Kanaya song for the Homestuck Competition. Not nearly enough time for this, my life is way too full of shit to give this my absolute best right now. However, I think that, given the circumstances and how much time I spent on it (about 10-20 hours? iunno), it turned out extremely well.

My basic inspiration for the song was Kanaya out for a walk in the sun :P I originally wanted to throw in a bit of chainsaw ass-kicking murderfestation action somewhere, but it didn’t fit now matter what I tried (that was easily 60% of the time I spent on this, trying to fit in a chainsaw ass-kicking murderfestation action section) so I decided to totally modify the theme, why the hell not?


Many, many thanks to my friend Hijinxx for making the awesome album art C:


Homestuck Music Competition Submission - Till the Last Breath

So I figure I might as well post my entries to the Homestuck Music Contest. One was an updated version of a Lord English song I posted before, and this one is a song for John.

Unfortunately I sorta ran out of time at the end there, so I don’t feel these really came out as polished as I would have liked… butohwellwhatever