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Eggbirth - johnkat

This week kind of has had a running egg-theme to it, so when I said to @bluearturtle I wanna do words but not too many and idek what Suvi said: egg.

So. Egg. Enjoy.

“Well. That was absolutely disgusting.”

John snorts. At any other time you’d think it a pathetic effort, but after just having seen him lay an egg you’re pretty fucking impressed. You’re not sure how he’s still alive. So much blood.

Some of it is still caught under your nails. Not the first time for that.

John’s face is still wet and he kind of stinks, but he’s smiling a little, you can hear it in his voice. “You put it in there, so you’re going to appreciate the fuck out of the miracle of childbirth. Or eggbirth. Hey! Eggbirth. Egbert. Get it?”

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I am opening commissions again.

These are Fanfiction Commissions and I look forward to working with you!

My AO3 


  • Supernatural
  • Constantine/ Hellblazer
  • Sense8
  • Homestuck
  • Anything Marvel (movies)
  • M*A*S*H
  • Merlin
  • Pacific Rim
  • Forever
  • Izombie
  • Daredevil
  • Hamilton
  • Turn

I am open to ANY SHIP. However, my specialties are:

  • Sabriel
  • Destiel
  • Sadreel
  • Stucky
  • Sam/Steve
  • Newman
  • Chaleigh
  • Samifer
  • Hawkahy
  • BJ/Hawkeye
  • Hawkdevil
  • Smokedevil
  • Rajor
  • Spiderdevil
  • Lams
  • Hamburrger
  • townhull

If you want any other Fandom you will have to excuse me if I reject it or if it takes longer because of Research.

All Prices are in USD

Word Count:

  • Under 1,000 words: $ 10
  • 1,000-1,500: $ 12
  • 1,500-2,000: $ 14
  • More than 2,000: $16 +

I will not charge you extra for extra words outside of what we agreed within 50-100


  • G-T: nothing
  • Anything above that: $4


  • No non con or abuse
  • No self inserts
  • You can ask about original characters
  • Gore is fine but it will take me longer write.
  • Light smut is alright.

Rules with OCs:

  • I need in depth descriptions (Looks, personality, backstory, character interactions)
  • any art they may have
  • a strong idea of the story in mind
  • If i do not think i can work with your characters i will have to decline.

Contact Me:


I can only take paypal

fakelatula  asked:

Sollux Zahhak? I wanna see how you mix the Stickboi™ with STRONG®®®

last one tonight. he likes to mini golf (he hits the ball too hard), he plays soccer and he brings capri suns filled with applesauce,he likes organization,following the rules, being stepped on, and also being a complete slop when allowed.he has psiioniics but never usses them to their full potential because he thinks its cheating. his eyes are red and blue with no pupils.

anonymous asked:

Sollux Lalonde?

yo so i did both… srose lalonder is literally the goth aesthetic. pronouns are she her. and she likes rainy days, reading books, poetry, punk music and occasionally hatsune miku, and she loves black yo.

sroxy lalonder is p much a prep nerd. pronouns are they/them.they like  cats,animals in general, pink,gaming,crushing their enemies at mario kart wii, and hanging out with friends.