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Such confusing feelings

Here’s the link.

… Now Vriska’s actions have hurt Kanaya. Is she not going to stop until she hurts everyone in the game? *sigh*

The words that are on here are a reference to when she talked to CA not too long ago. 

When CA said them, I thought he was just being angsty, but that’s because I don’t have context for him yet. With Kanaya, it makes more sense to see the words now.

Now I want to give her hugs. What am I up to now, 4 characters that need hugs?

Why you should be talking about Stuckhome Syndrome

So, there is a really common misconception that because Homestuck is so big and popular, that everyone who worked on it is super famous and rich. The opposite is true. Most of the people who worked on this great thing you love are regular folks trying to get by paycheck to paycheck, and some of them are struggling even there. I know for a fact that I have thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands more followers than a large amount of the music team. I just yell about the thing they made, and they get none of the attention!

When it comes to Homestuck music, here is how it works. A bunch of musicians make a bunch of music, then it gets selected for albums. There can only be so many songs on an album, so a lot of the music that was made for Homestuck was never officially released. Hundreds, if not thousands of songs. 

One such prolific, hard working Homestuck musician (who composed the top played songs across all of my devices ((Softly))) Robert J! Lake is releasing to the world just that - hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Homestuck songs that nobody has ever heard before. 

But since it is being released through his personal Bandcamp, nobody knows it exists. 

The album is called Stuckhome Syndrome, and it has a whole boatload of Homestuck songs that have never been released. Until tomorrow, on 4/13. 

This is where you come in. Tell your friends, tell Homestuck fans, tell anyone who likes chiptunes, even! 

Aside from Stuckhome Syndrome, next time you listen to Homestuck music, take note of the songs you like. Look them up! Find out who made it, and follow their work. Homestuck was a group effort, and everyone who helped make it deserves to be recognized. 

SUSPENSE, a guide by Andrew Hussie:

  1. Make “don’t turn your back on the body” an in-story meme
  2. Show a body in several different shots and perspectives
  3. Have it conspicuously missing in the last shot, in a way the characters themselves don’t acknowledge and only super attentive readers will recognize
  4. Sit back as frightened readers argue endlessly over why it vanished or whether or not it was an art mistake
  5. Literally 250 pages later, make it turn out that one of the characters put the corpse in her magic inventory all along for super-innocuous reasons, with zero plot importance
  6. Laugh at everyone

I’ve put my finger on my problem with the current upd8s and now I can enjoy them a lot more.

They’re basically in a false falling action. Or at least that’s what all of the characters, except Terezi, think it is. They think that the story is over, it’s denouement time, so they’re all fine with just reuniting and getting ready to collect their reward. The bad guys are dead, they’re over their emotional issues, their quests have been finished. As far as they’re concerned. We’re not getting dialogue because the characters are done talking because they’ve said all that they need to say, or at least the really important stuff. It’s the end, it’s time to charge on to the epilogue.

Meanwhile, we’re sitting here being annoyed because we know it’s not the end. We’ve got our lists of enemies still floating around, and the quests that haven’t been done, and all the loose ends that won’t be tied up by them going through the door. We know that there’s another act between now and the end. We’re basically the stereotypical horror movie watcher, yelling at the screen that the monster is in the room do not go in there. Why did you turn your back on Her Imperious Condescension? Of course Vriska couldn’t kill Lord English on her own and that’s why she’s not here.

Or at least that’s how I like to think about it right now. It’s frustrating, but it makes sense. It would be a lot less frustrating if we didn’t know that we’re two days from the end of everything and if we weren’t told that act 7 is two effing pages.

Actually no you know what this comic deserves a separate post. That thing is just. incredible.

She drew this while blind. Let that just sink in for a second. You could maintain a reasonably popular webcomic with that level of art and she drew it blind. What the fuck.

Observe the selection of colors an the first two panels. The colors are pretty saturated, close to being unpleasant, but they’re nice and vibrant instead. It has a similar playful quality to children’s drawings- well, Terezi is pretty close to being a child.

And on the last panel, we see that Terezi can in fact draw Dave’s glasses in the right place, but deliberately chooses not to in order to make place for his eyebrows. His beautiful, majestic eyebrows. And she put Karkat in the drawing too! She’s being all passive agressive by crossing off his face like that, but she cares enough to include him. And there’s Davesprite, too! She put Davesprite in her drawing. She made Davesprite part of the Outdated Children’s Book Cover team. That’s just the sweetest thing.

How do you define crisis?

Here’s the link.

I think it’s probably better if I just move forward than dwell on yesterday’s post. 

I’m guessing the crisis was that Kanaya Entered, given that she’s done at least one prototype with her lusus. I wonder what her reaction will be when she checks in on Vriska.

Yeeeeeeah, it’s not that surprising that Kanaya would connect to Vriska at that specific moment.

But why is Kanaya upset? Are there some feelings there we haven’t been able to notice until now? I figured Tavros and Kanaya had a moirallegiance at least, because of the way Kanaya defended him. Perhaps this just says more about Kanaya’s feelings towards Vriska. 

And here we see that Vriska will get anyone to make anything for her, it seems.


It’s a little bit unbelievable that I’ve actually made it this far. Thanks to everyone for everything!

This is a facet that I did not expect

Here’s the link.

Dave, understandably, flips his shit about Jade dropping the toilet in his room. But he said something that I wasn’t expecting.

That last line is a reference to the Russian playwright and short story writer, Anton Chekhov. Chekhov wrote a statement that became a dramatic principle, known as Chekhov’s gun, which states:

“Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”

Dave is using the principle to justify the apple juice, essentially saying that since the apple juice was there, it was a foregone conclusion that he was going to drink it.

1) Dave is hella educated, and has succeeded in surprising me again.
2) Dave just called himself out in a very meta way.


Click above to watch me react to Act 7, the End of Homestuck, and then TRY TO TALK INCOHERENTLY ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR. (Earlier reaction video posts here.)

The definitive-sounding news post by Andrew that I read partially aloud during this video has since received this VERY IMPORTANT edit that I didn’t hear about until I was off-camera:

Edit: one more thing. If you’re curious about whether there will be anything resembling an epilogue to this ending, yes, I’ve been thinking about that for some time. It’ll take a while to produce though, whatever specific form it ends up taking. Working on Collide took months, and came right down to the wire. I’ve got more time now though obviously. But that said, I’m not in a huge hurry at this point. Keep an eye out here for developments. There should be plenty of other news in coming months too.

So this isn’t, quite, the absolute final 100% everything-is-absolutely-entirely-resolved ending necessarily, which I’m sure some of you have been wondering about. ((QUICKEDIT: Turns out Andrew has a history of wrapping up confusing endings with kickass explanatory epilogues later, after the fanbase has had plenty of time to feel disappointed with the seeming lack of resolutions.))

I’ll talk spoilers under the cut and eventually elaborate more thoughts there maybe, but I’m barely going to even consider typing anything of note there until tomorrow. WAY too tired. Act 7 spoilers and further discussion under the read-more.

EDIT COUNT: (Four now. The ones below the cut are a note-to-self list on what to talk about when I have the time/energy, I just added to it this morning and i’ll add to it as ideas/explanations continue to occur to me.) LAST EDIT: 9:01 AM CDT on 4/13

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