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My Homestuck Ideas

So it would seem all the Aliens in Homestuck we’ve seen so far are named after fantasy creatures: Trolls, Cherubs, Leprechauns. There are also the Underlings in Sburb and Sgrub: Imps, Ogres, Basilisks, and Liches. Giclopses seem to be a hybridization of Giants and Cyclopes.

Now while Humans have the Heart Quadrant (Matespritship), Cherubs have the Spade Quadrant (Kismesissitude). Trolls have both of those and two others: Moirallegiance, represented by a Diamond, and Auspistice, represented by a Club. Meanwhile, Leprechauns have their own answer to Quadrants called Charms, but let’s not think of that……………….yet…

Instead, let’s see what other creatures we can come up with. Let’s let our imaginations go wild, shall we? Ahem…

Elves seem to have a great affinity for psionic abilities, and use them a lot during their daily lives. There is hardly any terrain on their planet that ISN’T forest; for this reason, the average elf easily bonds with nature. Elves have Hearts and Diamonds relationships.

Dwarves (perhaps given a different name in this continuity) do not look like dwarves as you’d expect them to look, just as the Trolls, Cherubs, and Leprechauns don’t look like what the typical depictions of their respective races. Haven’t yet decided what these dwarf-things would look like, but the only similarities between these dwarves and the typical depiction (so far) is the fact that they’re shorter than humans. Dwarves also only have Diamonds and Clubs relationships; they reproduce asexually.

Orcs are a sea-dwelling race. Why? Well, in reference to Orca, also known as Killer Whales. They only have Spades and Clubs relationships.

Goblins are, like leprechauns, little green people. In fact, in the same way that Cherubs could be seen as the negative versions of humans, goblins are the negative versions of leprechauns. They don’t have charms; they have curses.

If anyone has anything to say about this, positive or negative, please let me know, but please be constructive when criticizing.

So for shippers who are interested in the charms even though they mean nothing...

The total amount of combinations using 1 charm as a minimum, and 9 charms as a maximum, you can have a total of 511 combinations of charms, using a charm only once in each combination, and order doesn’t matter. For example, 123 is the same as 132, 231, etc. and you can’t do 112 or 232.

So yeah. 511 combinations, go nuts.


A very very old thing that I only just finished recently.

A friend and I used to do a lot of roleplaying with the Felt, and we got to discussing the Felt as exiles. So I did a little MS Paint magic and made it so x’D

All of these sprites belong to Andrew Hussie, I simply edited them. You are free to use them as well, if you like :’)