homestuck is my favorite ever

I gotta say my favorite thing from homestuck ever has gotta be Jane going “fiddlesticks!!” Or something innocent like that and Dirk responding “hey look I’m upset too but let’s watch the fucking language”

my favorite homestuck post ever is the one where rose is dying in the alternate timeline and she’s like “i never… told kanaya…. i loved her…” and john is like

“…………………….. wait……… rose is gay?”

i fucking lose it every time

they have fun!

i really hate the argument that Hussie abandoned the idea of wrapping up any character arcs because “real people dont have character arcs”

hes not writing real actual people that exist in real life, hes writing kids that we’ve seen grow up and face conflict and keep going

why write rose’s alcoholism if you are just going to handwave it away

why write dirk’s whole fucking deal if he’s never shown maturing and overcoming his urges to completely fuck with everyone constantly

why even write the combosprites if their entire existence is just for a couple of one off gags, and then completely forgotten about

why write characters with clearly defined conflicts and then tell us that no they arent characters and we dont deserve to see how they overcame the conflicts to obtain happiness