homestuck irc

In which I go crazy
  • vanquishedValiant: yeah I think you broke satire
  • Clawtooth: oh dear
  • vanquishedValiant: it just tableflipped and left
  • Clawtooth: I shall have to find some way of repairing it
  • Clawtooth: perhaps if I invite it for some tea
  • Clawtooth: perhaps tomorrow afternoon
  • Clawtooth: at 3 o'clock
  • Clawtooth: we can have those wonderful cucumber sandwitches
  • Clawtooth: and talk about how deeply sorry I am
  • Clawtooth: and then we shall take a turn about the gardens
  • Clawtooth: (for our constitution)
  • BISlover4412: You forgot the tiny pastries that don't taste like anything
  • Clawtooth: oh yes we must simply have those
  • Clawtooth: oh and I'll invite Irony and Sarcasm along
  • Clawtooth: for they have been so bored of late
  • Clawtooth: and long for some stimulating conversation