homestuck invite

so yeah the more I think about what Earth C is like the more it horrifies me. Like, from the start:

The kids look at this fledgeling society that they have built, small and fragile, and decide “hey, this is boring. let’s skip ahead all the boring hard stuff to when these guys have REAL civilization!” Ignoring that this is still EARTH, with all of Earth’s volcanos and earthquakes and whatnot that could seriously damage a new civilization, events that they are more than capable of preventing or mitigating - this society doesn’t have NEWSPAPERS so let’s get to the good stuff.

So the kids skip out on all the hard work to get to the fun, and immediately discover that the new society has racial segregation. This is not a situation that was going to develop at last look at the society, since everyone was being raised together, so it’s likely that there was some kind of massive societal upheaval that led to everyone only living with their own race. The kind of situation that might have bene preventable had some kids been around to see this coming and try and get people to see a better way.

They are then immediately handed rulership, despite them having maybe a few semesters of high school civics combined and absolutely 0 knowledge of the histories, economics, or laws of their new domains. Also, no one points out that, hey, handing complete control to a few traumatized, immortal creator-gods who have no possible way to relate to any of their subjects might be a bad idea. 

Then… Jane. Look, I like Jane, but let’s take a look at some of her actions? She immediately begins CrockerCorp again, and has record profits, presumably because literally all her competition looked at the company being run by Actual God, decided they didn’t want to commit blasphemy, and quit, or were driven out of business because no one wanted to buy from anyone who wasn’t god, because that’s probably against their religion. Then she’s elected Mayor, which gives her two different political positions, one corporate one, and one religious one, which is ground for so many conflict of interest issues.

And then today. Jane is on the moonbase, fine, Jack Noir attacks… and Jane’s solution is not to merely beat him up, which she is completely capable of doing, or fly away, which she is also capable of. Instead she takes off her accessory - her accessory she was planning on wearing to a dinner date, the one she has probably had for some time - slaps it on him, and activates its mind control capabilities. What the fuck did you make that for, Janey, and why the fuck did you wear it to dinner. She then removes the cloth dressing a wound, reopening what would be an injury that would be very quickly fatal to a human, and ties it on as a leash. A leash on another sentient being. A leash she, because of aforementioned mind control accessories, gets no practical use from. A leash that she is therefore only using because it makes her happy to and because it humiliates Jack.

She then follows that up by talking about how they haven’t been very good gods (accurate) and then saying that the people need divine supervision. Right after casually using a mind control device.

And then, she does the oven thing, and pointlessly gets one of the Felt maybe-killed. Potentially Cans could have survived, but she really had no way of knowing that. She is more than capable of making sure EVERYONE gets out of there alive, but she decided to put one of the ‘gentlemen’ in mortal danger for shits and giggles.

Our heroine! Apparently. The only hope is that Aradia and Sollux appear to chew everyone out.