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So I dreamt that my coworker David was actually Dave Strider, and the only reason no one had figured it out was because he had taken off his sunglasses and drawn tattoos on his arms in sharpie.

And I figured it out and was just like, holy shit, you’re a famous director wtf are you doing here?!

And he just shrugged and said ‘research’ and showed me a bunch of storyboard sketches, with jpeg monstrosities clearly based on our supervisors. On the top of the page 'SBaHJ the movie: escape from shit hell tedium’ was written in crayon.

I was chanting holy shit over and over, and he put his sunglasses on, nodded curtly, and told me that he was doing it, he was making it happen.

Thank you Nyquil, I needed that.

I think that Homestuck does a really really good job of creating an atmosphere from the art to the music to the writing. Take act one for instance, all of the music is very detached and the art is mostly white space; where there are colors they’re meant to draw the eye to that. spot. As the comic progresses you learn more about the characters visually and audibly I feel than by reading their text, and I think that’s why pages like FRESHJamz were included, to give a feel for all of the kids personalities through music and give a sense of how they interact with each other. I thought this was much clearer than having to extrapolate from their interactions, but I’m famously bad at interpreting social situations so I think this is more of a personal thing. 

This is also reflected in the player planets, but I think the planets reflect the serious side of all the kids. John’s is quiet and shady, he’s actually really sad (see: the snapdates) and wants to keep believing that SBURB is still just a game. Rose’s is bright, light bouncing off of every surface. This, pretty obviously would be hell for someone who’s hungover, and I interpret as kind of a wake up call for her. “You can’t just do whatever you want, you have responsibilities” which is a theme reflected throughout her arc. Dave’s is fucking hell for him,  unexpected loud metal noises. I’m not actually sure what to pull from this. It seems like it’s supposed to be a reminder to him that his past is still all around him which I suppose is appropriate considering his aspect. Jade’s planet I think represents her characterization especially, things will bloom but she isn’t a pushover. Her entire planet is covered in frost, she’s no spring garden. 

Once more places are introduced this just becomes more and more clear, particularly with palette choices. For instance, Derse and Prospit. Aside from the usual connotations of light v dark, it (literally) isn’t just black and white, but the chess pieces are. This could be a representation of how things appear black and white at first glance but are more nuanced the closer you look. (That or it’s 1:40am and I’m drawing too much from this.)

 Another example is Alternia. Almost everything in it is grey, the trolls, their buildings, etc. But it’s punctuated with really distinct colors, the two moons come to mind, and more obviously the blood colors. The connotations of color in our culture are particularly prevalent here. (Note: Colors have very specific connotations for me that are built off of the common perceptions of them so if I go in hard here that’s why. 

The point that originally inspired me to write this is the main motifs in Homestuck’s music are just as detached as they are in Act 1. Act 1′s music is a very specific brand of lonely to me, the kind of lonely you feel on a nice day but no one’s there to hang out with you, or the kind of lonely one feels when you no that there’s nothing left to keep your mind occupied. One might say, desolate. What I’m trying to say is that the music in Homestuck retains the same themes throughout all 10,000 pages of it, and that sense of detachment is preserved very, very well. I don’t know enough about music theory to make intelligent commentary on this, all I can say is SERIOUSLY THIS SHIT I MEAN FROM SHOWTIME TO ACT 7 IT’S LIKE THE COMIC IS ONE BOX RIGHT AND YOUR IN THAT BOX AND THEN THE MUSIC PLAYS AND YOU’RE A COUPLE STEPS BACK AND YOU SEE THE FOREST INSTEAD OF THE TREES WHICH LIKE THEY DO THAT JUST WITH NOISE HOMESTUCK’S MUSIC ELEVATES ME FROM THE FOREST FLOOR “YEAH COOL CHECK OUT THESE TREES THESE ARE SOME DAMN NEAT TREES” TO “HOLY SHIT CHECK OUT THIS FUCKING FOREST LIKE FOR REAL WHOA” With one of the main themes in Homestuck being you are an observer and with all the fourth walls this is shown  p e r f e c t l y in Homestuck. 

I’m sorry this probably isn’t comprehensible I just really fucking love this comic. 

Happy 413!!


TG: its like a motherload in here

TG: mother load?

TG: motherlode??

TG: fucking??? 

TG: i dunno

EB: jesus christ, just go onto google.

TG: …

TG: motherlode

EB: …

EB: what the fuck.

HERE’S MY LEFT HANDED DRAWING!!!!!!!!!!1!!!¡1¡1¡!¡!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!¡¡!!!11111¡¡111111¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

it’s Eridan :DDDD
this is the 2nd left handed drawing I did and it’s pretty crappy but not that bad for being drawn with my non-dominant hand so ye


it started out as just rhett’s dad cosplayers, but has expanded since then to include other dad cosplay.