homestuck doodling

jadekanayahere  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you would draw some fefnep with a short cubby fef and a skinny medium tall nep?

when ur princess gf insists on updating everyone in the dream bubbles on how much she loves u constantly but you just kinda roll with it

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anonymous asked:

can i request a kin doodle of a trans john lalonde(roxy swapped, just like normal him but with pink eyes) wearing a binder? if you could make him holding a cat also that would be really great! thank you!!!

Here ya go! Sorry I drew this instead of Mod Mew I just thought this request was cute and I wanted to do some warmup draws, hope you don’t mind!

anonymous asked:

can i request jake english and jane crocker being pals and having fun?

what’s more fun than tricksters?

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