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Meenah: UGH, I’m so mad!

Aranea: Frustrated? Annoyed? Angry? Upset that you couldn’t get revenge?

Meenah: Yeah, thanks for explaining how I feel back to me walking dictionary!

Aranea: Actually, I would be a thesaurus as I only provided synonym’s, those are words that mean the same thing as another word, whereas a dictionary defines words.

Meenah: As I said, walking dictionary.

The first edition of The New English Dictionary On Historical Principles was completed in 1928. It had 400,000 words and phrases in ten volumes. It was originally planned as a four-volume work with 64,00 words. Five years after the start of the project, the team had gotten only as far as the word “ant.”

In time, the Dictionary was revised and republished in twelve volumes and given the name Oxford English Dictionary.

The definition of "Rosemary"

Rosemary (n): The official name of the relationship shared between Rose Lalonde and Kanaya Maryam. The nomenclature comes from the former’s first name and the first portion of the last name of the latter party. The name also comes from the elderly woman who first coined the term in a fan fiction she wrote for her grandson’s birthday.

Rosemary in a field of rosemary writing a fanfiction about Rosemary