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thinkin bout the fact that Homestuck is a creation myth that celebrates LGBT people and presents mortal effort as the ultimate divine force, and what a sharp counterpoint that presents to like every other creation myth out there, like say Genesis. The world isnt a gift from above handed from God, but something we create for ourselves. And LGBT people aren't an abberation from the base model of humanity but simply normal people who existed at the beginning. Homestuck is good thanks

Yesss. Sometimes I’m like, huh. I like Homestuck? And then I remember that this long and epic and entertaining read, which had a Huge follower base, ended with so much positive LGBT rep. It really didn’t have to; anyone who accuses that these relationships are pandering has no idea what they’re talking about. I certainly don’t think the fanbase would have diminished any to have had Rose end up with John, but instead Rose ended up with a girl. Dave cool-guy Strider ended up with a boy. His cool brother, gay. Roxy dreamboat cool-girl, wlw. That’s not even all of it; I have good reason to like Homestuck. 

honestly i love both tex talks and fletcher wortmann’s analysis of homestuck so much… having consumed both is so mind-blowing

i think it’s wild how both are so spot on and yet come from two very different people in completely different majors/fields of work

it’s amazing how they both use their intricate knowledge of their field of study to examine homestuck through two completely different metatextual lenses (homestuck as a creation myth borne from knowledge of programming and computer functions vs. homestuck’s use of pesterlogs as a very intricate and intimate way of showing engaging character interaction that outdoes most pieces of media) and how both analyses are not only spot on, but also give sufficient proof that hussie intended these readings of his work and that depth was entirely intentional

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So you still agree with your initial interpretations of the other characters, or have you changed your mind on any over time?

as of right now my headcanon titles for the Undertale characters are

Frisk: Heir of Hope

Sans: Mage of Void

Papyrus: Sylph of Hope

Toriel: Sylph of Blood

Undyne: Witch of Life

Alphys: Knight of Space

Mettaton: Thief of Space

Asgore: Bard of Doom

Asriel: Bard of Heart

Flowey: Maid of Mind

Chara: Prince of Rage

I’m honestly so stuck on the symbolism of both sets of carapacians living in harmony? That sequence was when I started crying

I just

The chessboard is obliterated, the conflict is ended, the game is over, the sacrifice and death and pain and time have finally paid their dues and

and now

and now they are at peace


every morning my room is flooded with this heavenly light (part of the reason i wake up at 5-6 every goddamn morning)  but yeah thats why these exist. 

also i have a gratuitous amount of sea creatures.

one of my costumes that gets the least amount of wear-time. a reel shame actually.

Homestuck Spoilers

I’m going into this mostly blind, and want to be as spoiler free as possible, but I’ve still picked up some things about the story here and there. Mostly it’s a lot of out of context details with no real significance to me:

  • I kinda know what trolls are. Like a lot of people, my first exposure to Homestuck was seeing roving bands of troll cosplayers with unsealed gray body paint. I know that they’re genderless, but that’s about it. 
  • I read the first few dozen pages of Homestuck once a couple years ago, so I know who John is, but that’s about all I remember. I never got out of John’s house, so I don’t think I really got into the meat of the story at all.
  • I’ve seen people call Homestuck a modern creation myth, so I know there are some rather expansive themes to the overall story.
  • I heard that the ending disappointed a lot of people.
  • I can describe what a lot of characters look like based on fan art, but I don’t know who any of them are:
    • There are the black and white wolf people with swords
    • There’s a girl with dog ears
    • There’s a guy with a blue shirt and a hammer
    • There are two guys who wear awesome sunglasses and a lot of red
    • There are a whole bunch of characters with a billiard ball theme
    • One of the trolls has sunglasses and a walking stick, so I’m assuming they’re blind.

That’s just about all of the things I can be sure of. I picked up a lot of random tidbits on tumblr, but I have no idea what is and isn’t canon. Like I know Dave/Karkat is a popular ship (or at least it’s popular among the homestuckers I follow), but I don’t know who either of them are in the story, or if they actually have a romantic relationship.

Or with the trolls. If you showed me a police lineup of a bunch of troll characters, I couldn’t possibly tell you which ones were canon, and which ones were fan-made. Except for the one with the walking stick. I’ve seen a lot of fan art of that one, so I’m pretty sure she’s a real character.

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do you think we will see that one 13th troll in the secret sufferer comic from paradox space? also do you think we will get references about the making of sgrub somehow?

oh my god i forgot about them!! i hope so!! i mean if theyre keeping prongle in the new version, theyre still gonna have like hundreds of trolls right? and if they thought to put in the $10,000 trolls then i wouldnt think it was far fetched to believe they would put 13th troll in there. i also do think that there will be references to the creation if sgrub/the beginning of it. they said there would be little easter eggs for people that read homestuck and the creation if sgrub seems like one they would include. i really hope they do!!

As all the homestucks pair off for the big dance it’s interesting to note how well-matched everyone is with their opponents, not only by power level but by plot significance and allegorical weight

The most developed characters get to fight the most developed villain.  The most entertaining characters get to fight the most entertaining villain.  Jake gets to fight the Felt.  And - to face Lord English, the absolute GOD of hyperdeath, we have Davepetasprite^2, the embodiment of life itself.

As I have noted elsewhere, the sprites squared are the epitome and the endpoint of Skaia’s creative process.  They are the things you imagined when you were a kid that made sleeping in the dark OK.  They’re also impossible.  The sequence of events which brought them into being is absurd, and the rules which they break by their very existence (rules of taste, of convention, of coolness, of common narrative decency) are manifold.  They are, in other words, just like Lord English.  They are too powerful to worry about how ridiculous they are, too chaotic and multivalent to be caught up in the personal baggage of any one being.  They sing the songs of themselves; and while Hussie is too honest to pretend that the prismatic OCs which animate the teenage heart would not be in their purest form profoundly silly, he recognizes the grandeur in that silliness.

This is the pitch - we cannot mock death, but we can envision a thing that can, and that’s the saving grace.  Even though the creative process can be disastrous, embarrassing, unruly and insatiable (as in the case of the creation of Homestuck itself), it contains within it a rebuttal to oblivion.   That rebuttal - the defiance that mankind shouts into the abyss - that answer looks like Davepeta.  Honest.   That’s the godhead.  That’s what it is.

Homestuck does a bugs bunny shrug and says: what were you expecting?