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Geek Kon: Friday [Fantroll Meet Up]

krazorspoon hosted a Homestuck fantroll meet up and the outcome was fantastic! Everyone was so enthusiastic and it was really inspiring to see all the fantrolls everyone created! We’re planning another Fantroll Meet Up at 2016 Geek Kon! It’ll be by the fountain on the main floor, just like before! Keep an eye out for DKI! 8D


aghhh!!! there were so many nice people today,, people who just hugged me, came up and asked for pictures, etc. here are a few people around the convention today (there were some ship love childs i really wish i caught but none the less)! i had two people invite me to the formal meet up!! ahh!!!! but i have family over so i was only there for a few hours and only for today, but i still had a great time. thank you all!

EDIT: the cool nepeta - @genocideaquarium and the rad equius: @blankexpressions-and-falsefires also the super sweet signless and disciple (respectively) @19toothless98 @complicxhate


Dirk Meets a Stud: A late bday video to pedantricks. Dave and Jake take Dirk out for a wonderful surprise. 

Dave, Dirk, Jake, Camera


Don’t be fooled by the photos, AUSA was awful. We spent the whole time dealing with a lot of shit (car issues, Jake’s bag being stolen, rude locals, then Xagave being refused at the border to top it all off.)…but at least we looked cute!!

Kankri & Sollux: roxasdestati
Latula & Aradia: rawrimamidget
Mituna & Tavros: xagave
Meenah & Dave: sp00ky-teacup
Karkat: hhhhammy


Wow, what a bunch of cuties! Everyone here is super adorable.  I remember some people screaming when they pulled out the fourth wall during the shoot. It’s a nice touch, albeit it felt kinda in the way. I hope I managed to get everyone. There are some really cute props, like a davesprite plushie or planets if you look close enough. 

anonymous asked:

im going to a kon and staying in a hotek with my 16 year old friends (i will be close to 15 by that time) and we are going to all cosplay homestuck and meet up with some internet friends who range from 14-18, so honestly your age doesnt matter as long as youre, well, i would say 13+. your friends should accept you just fine ! plus congoing homestucks are some of the sweetest people ive met. even playing truth or dare they dont do anything extreme, even if its like all 18 year olds and 1 17 y/o.

OK this is going to be old lady me talking. Please humor me.

Make sure that when you meet up with your friends it’s somewhere public, and don’t go anywhere alone with them, especially first time meeting them. Make sure someone outside the con knows where you are, and if you need to contact them, you have a method to.

As for truth or dare/ spin the faygo/pocky game/all iterations thereof. Please keep in mind you are a minor. It doesn’t matter how mature you are, which I am sure you are, but you’re a minor. Doing anything with an older person (in some states it’s 17) is illegal, and really, really risky. It could get that person in huge trouble. Similarly, even among others who are still minors, it’s still a big jump, and it’s still risky. Please be safe and take charge of yourself and what you want to do. Have an absolute “no” for any dare/whatnot and if someone makes you uncomfortable, get up, grab your friends and walk away, or walk to a staff member and say you’re feeling uncomfortable and if you can hang out with them for a while until your group leaves.

Again, I hate to be an old lady, but when I hear these kind of things it does make me clutch my pearls a little, skfnsjf. 

That said, it should be super fun! I met a lot of my friends around that age and started cons at 14. Cons are an amazing place to meet people and have fun! Just play it safe!