homestuck comic con


Here are all the awesome cosplays I could get a photo of at london film and comic con(2017) whilst strolling around in my Taako cosplay!

Wart from Over The Garden Wall cosplayed by @roadkill-cupcake

calliope, trickster Jake English and trickster Dirk Strider from homestuck cosplayed by @themaskedelf , @doodlana and @autoabsconder

If you see yourself please tell me so I can tag you; thank you!


So I became gray for the first time….. No but actually a really good fun day with @doodlana and @autoabsconder at London film and comic con! Horns, gloves, makeup and wig are courtesy of Ana 😘 but I had such a good time, got lovely art and felt awesome as Calliope! Thank you guys! Even if we were practically the only homestucks there 😅