homestuck chill

you’ve heard of SuperWhoLock

you’ve heard of Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons

you’ve heard of UnderTaliStuck

you’ve heard of Steven Falls Over

you’ve heard of Dear Chill Heathers

now get ready for

A list of things that make me cry everytime

- unravel (from Tokyo ghoul)
-“….sept .. Huit ..neuf ” (Hamilton)
-weirdmageddon (Gravity falls)
-rose’s speech to Steven (Steven universe)
-the memory song from undertale
-kates suicide ( life is strange )
-the scene after morty burries his dead body(rick and morty)
-Sarah Lynn…….Sarah lynn…………….Sarah Lynn?“ (Bojack horseman )
- the ending to homestuck
- episode 69 of TAZ
- the last episode of sailor moon stars
-“he’s come to get me ….” (dear even Hanson )
- “say hi to god”(heathers)
-“Everything about me makes me wanna die” (Be More chill)
- “and FLYYYINNG AWAY” (the great comet )
-the ending to 17776
-the ending to over the garden wall
-“ I want it to hurt ” a night in the woods
- “ELEVEN!” (stranger things )
This is only part one


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Anyone else just… tired of Tumblr’s black and white thinking?? IDK it just feels like things have to be perfect or irredeemable, and honestly next to nothing is either of those. Y'all need to just chill and learn how to see the complexity in things

I like how it didn’t even take a day for Homestuck Fandom to absolutely shit on Dammek for how he treats Xefros when we haven’t even met him yet.

Let’s remind ourselves that troll culture doesn’t work like our own and how like 90% of trolls are literally shitbags to each other on a daily basis.

Let’s remind ourselves of the numerous wrongdoings of Vriska, Gamzee, and the others. Trolls aren’t exactly raised to behave how characters like Xefros and Tavros do. They’re the anomaly in their society. That’s just how it is.

Like… I’m not saying it’s okay by human standards considering how upset Joey got, but at the same time. I mean. Let’s not bury ourselves into the ground before it even starts. Keep things positive.

me, being introduced to a new character: who tf is this asshat can we go back to the main story i probably won’t be too invested in this guy anyway

present me, showering said character with (usually undeserved) adoration, hunting down content, crying over their pain: oh honey

hey, at anyone who’s ever cosplayed

I see you and I love you

keep it up!