homestuck chill

hey, at anyone who’s ever cosplayed

I see you and I love you

keep it up!

Anyone else just… tired of Tumblr’s black and white thinking?? IDK it just feels like things have to be perfect or irredeemable, and honestly next to nothing is either of those. Y'all need to just chill and learn how to see the complexity in things

My dashboard has been a lil empty lately so, please reblog this if you post/reblog any of the following things and I'll check your blog out!!:

- Minecraft Story Mode

- Voltron

- Steven Universe

- Stuff from any of Rick Riordan’s books

- Six of Crows

- Dear Evan Hansen

- Be More Chill

- Homestuck 

- Camp Camp


- Adventure Time

- Harry Potter

- The Mortal Instruments 



strilondes in wedding outfits that i found way back from 2016