homestuck chill

Cascade still goes hard as hell

- Jade summoning all the lands to her
- PM arriving on the victory platform in all her glory
- S U C K E R S
- 3X god tier combo
- when that Flare remix for Cascade kicks in holy FUCK
- Noir killing so many exiles is such a gut punch
- the quick flashes to the Beat Mesa rising up toward Skaia
- the way the window resizes to take up more of the page so you can see more universe-destroying detail


strilondes in wedding outfits that i found way back from 2016


hi im bagel and my favourite trope is “everybody loves and supports eridan”

((anyways happy eridan day!!!!))

  • VRISKA: You could walk up to one of those aliens and put your hand on its innocent shoulder, and with a str8 face you could say, "Sorry to 8r8k it to you. 8ut tomorrow, a guy named Lord English is going to destroy your universe. You are all going to die."
  • VRISKA: And when that alien looks up at you with tears in its eyes, just 8efore the first one rolls down its weird alien cheek, you lean in close to its a8surd alien ear and whisper, "Psyche.

Johndave week - Day 3: (A Thrilling!!) First Date

Somehow John convinces Dave to go skydiving with him as a first date!! John’s totally chill about it, but I’m pretty sure Dave’s probably freaking out a little. From the kissing and the falling.

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Au where everyone in hxh live a normal life and KILLUA goes through a superwholockstuck phase for like a year when he joins tumblr and gon is like no

a whole hxh arc where killua wont stop making superwholockstuck references and everyone is like pleas e. and kurapika tries to assassinate him at some point because he just can t ta;ke it anymore