homestuck charm


Limited pre-orders are now closed!

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OK GUYS HERE IT IS, now u can have a tiny eridan on u at all times
Each order comes with your fav beta/alpha kids OR an otp stickers! Just leave a note! I will close them by friday so I can order them soon! (fyi this is the only time I’m making these available Q Q)

Expected to ship around Feb 1st!

an anon wanted it, so– mod clover’s personal charms system! mod quarters has a similar one with a couple differences. and do keep in mind, i personally believe varying sorts of trickery/traps/what have you are standard for all leprechaun affection, but it’s such a base thing it isn’t really gone into here.

under the readmore is a leprechaun’s perspective (half of us are roleplayers lol) rather than a human perspective, because i thought that might be fun to read. do come join us to talk if you like! :> 

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The aesthetic


seriously tho this took 5ever and I went through all the tags to see who else to put in this. Sorry if your aesthetic dork still isn’t here.