homestuck blanket


it’s movie night! they are watching jurassic park. dave is talking about how awesome the animatronic t rex in the movie is. karkat doesn’t see why they don’t just use real dinosaurs in their films like alternian films did and is not impressed. jade fell asleep during the opening sequence and is very happy.

songs for rune is a brand new album i made that is as chill as you can probably imagine. there are some jams here, you get me? nice head nods. i’m proud of this one.

it’s four bucks that go to a good cause. buy this dang thing if you can. it helps a friend, specifically, and they need said help.

(ps: indiegogo peeps are getting album codes soon!)


Pt. 1 Fear not, Homestucks, you do not need to die to achieve God Tier with your very own God Tier blanket! These patterns are lap size and perfect for snuggling on the couch or in bed or if your stuck at home (eh, eh?!). 

Alright. I finally made the Homestuck God Tier symbols in pixel blanket form! Woohoo!! 


In honor of Hiveswap Pt 1′s release, I present to you my step-sister’s eventual Christmas present, the Homestuck Hemospectrum blanket! All of it is handcrocheted and embroidered by yours truly, and it’s reversible depending on which direction you want the zodiac symbols! 

(It’s actually been done for like two months and I’m dying to go ahead and give it to her, argh.)

I’ve been sleeping under my homestuck blanket (don’t judge, it’s the official terezi/mind comforter and my favourite thing in the world) but now it’s getting colder i’m back under a full THICK duvet and i forgot just how cozy my bedroom can get aaaaa

Here is my most recent progress shot of my homestuck blanket that i started like 2 or 3 years ago. as you can see, there is a blatant hole in the middle, where i need to put Jake’s symbol and Rose’s symbol, then i need to sew it to some flannel i have for backing fabric… i’m almost done, but i still have a good bit of work to do… (i’m still not feeling up to knitting Rose’s square)