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Hello Everyone! 

For this weeks DIY, I went with something who want flowers in their home but can’t deal with the constant upkeep. By attaching these tissue flowers to twigs you get a beautiful fake plant. 

Simply get tissue paper, a few ties and some string in order to create these super easy decorations.

Enjoy, Robin x


Inspired by @stareatnight ( check out the amazing original )

He is five feet one inch tall and three feet ten inches across.

Took about three weeks ( including me ordering more beads… ) it is made out of perler beads, ( brands were photopearls, perler and artkal ). I coated him with a resin after melting to help keep him together a little better. ( plus now he is shinny )

( Last photo black dots are screws. He is a little heavy but this also helps prevent warping. )

He isn’t perfect but I’m very happy with it.

Day 20/20. Welcome to 20 days of DIY! As a new years resolution to myself I have decided to post daily DIYs. Each day I will post a new DIY idea for you guys to try out! I have really enjoyed doing these, if you want me to do more please let me know!

1. Punch holes in tin foil sheet

2. Line an empty mason jar with tin foil 

3. Place a small light or tea light in the jar

4. Seal mason jar, turn off the lights and watch the stars in your room!

Enjoy, Robin! x


Small Karkat plush? I made haha
He’s really cheap to make actually (If you already have paint and stuffing on hand)
Just 29 cents a piece for the felt at the craft store. I attached the sign, horns and eyes with Mod Podge, and painted on all those other features.
Hand sewn.
That’s about it.
I didnt use a pattern, I just kinda went with the flow (A bad move if his design was anymore complicated).

Anyways, enjoy.

Dead Dash Again


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You see, Homestuck is this remarkable work of art that was heavily crafted from outside input, initially. A true interactive comic, right down to its very core. As it goes on and shifts courses with the times, it still remains interactive, but in a rather violent way. Instead of the positive, intentional feedback playing a significant role in the story, the creator begins to mock the readers, their social structures, and everything they love. The comic underwent a gradual, yet entirely apparent metamorphosis from kind and accepting to passive aggressive, and then finally to straight up aggressive towards anyone and everyone who both partake in Homestuck-based community happenings and have any sort of critical thinking skills. Andrew Hussie realized he created a monster, a monster born from his beloved masterpiece, a monster that has spun out of control and needs to be destroyed, and it is only he who can destroy it. This is a battle for only him, but another mission drives him forward at the same time-to complete the story he has spent years and years nurturing and bringing into this world. Striking two birds with one very large anvil, Andrew incorporated halfheartedly mocking the fandom into the plot of Homestuck, while racking up millions of dollars to keep it going by the very people he spent so long cleverly insulting. Homestuck is a satire of itself. Amazing. 


It took me like three hours but i made a felt member out of felt.

So behold Clover!

He doesn’t look exactly great, but it was my first time working with felt so I think I did a pretty good job!

I know that there are loads of areas I can improve in (particularly my organization and the order in which I stitch/glue things) but I know that if I practice a lot I can get better.

So here we have the first Clover of what will likely be many (I made him first because he is the smallest.)