homestuck armsocks

SU Gem & Homestuck Troll Cosplayers!

(and any other cosplays that require unnatural skin tones and lots of body paint for that matter)

I’m considering cosplaying Blue Pearl soon so started looking up the items I will need, and came across this really useful find on amazon uk!

These morphsuits/zentai suits/bodysocks come in a huge range of colours, and they offer a made-to-measure option at no extra cost! Just £23.49 with free UK delivery, which is a pretty reasonable price. This colour is absolutely perfect for Blue Pearl, and the goose grey looks like it would work well for troll cosplay! Lots of the colours look suitable for many of the gems.

With a little simple sewing I’m sure the head could be easily removed, then all you’d have to do is paint your face, and you have yourself a simple, practically mess-free cosplay! (though using the bathroom at a con might be a challenge…)

If I decide to go ahead and purchase this suit I’ll be sure to update this post with a review!

Please Read!

If anyone knows where I can buy a pair of armsocks (PRE MADE) for a Feferi cosplay PLEASE LINK ME.
I know this sounds stupid but I have been trying for 2 days and have ruined so many tights.
I can not do it for my life and at this point it is affecting my depression and anxiety!
Please link me if you know pf any places I could buy some pre made.


Finally my armsocks are complete 8U

This tutorial helped me a lot, but here’s where I made a mistake: when I put on the first nail, I was wearing the glove and I pressed the fake nail (with the superglue applied) RIGHT ON TOP OF MY FINGER and not over something like a pen AND IT BURNED LIKE A MOTHAFUCKA. And when I tried to pry it off I was afraid it would rip my real nail along too. That’s one lesson I learnt from that stupid mistake.

Other than that it looks great from what I’m seeing. 0u0