You become a great hunter because you want to survive, and you want to survive because you know there’s a part you must play, somewhere, some time, because the story doesn’t end like this.

Disciple // Photo

fuck i was taking a nap and i had a dream that dirk and dave grew up like normal brothers like with parents or w/e, and they would always get into these ridic ironic fights where dirk would write like a fucking weird long novel and leave it on dave’s door?? like the pony pals thing where its like. he spent Time on this. and then dave would just go to dirk’s door and draw a shitty drawing of a butt that said “you” and dirk was fuckin devastated. absolutely wrecked. how could he be bested in this way.

thanks, my brain,


I had these pictures taken at a local highschool’s amphitheater, and the graduating class had spraypainted “Class of 2015″ at the base of the staircase where I was posing. It wasn’t until I after I got home and started looking through the photos that I realized how magnificently this phrase was framed in the viewfinder. 

Dave Strider: Ass.

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