Do you ever rewatch the flashes, and realize just how many talented people worked on Homestuck, and what a miracle it was to find so many skilled people willing to come together and create something so incredible? Every artist, programmer, musician, merch designer, community manager, community member, writer, cosplayer…

Trying to comprehend the scale of it all is so overwhelming, but I am so grateful everything lined up perfectly for Homestuck to become what it did.

Land of Labyrinth and Libraries

“The land is a giant never-ending library that also functions as a labyrinth. The key to select locations are hidden in books that you have to look through one after another and puzzle your way through. Your denizen is a Sphinx and only by solving your planets riddle can you defeat them.“

I started this picture several months ago, and it’s been on hold in varying states of completion for a while. Good to finally get it done. 

It was a very old request from one of the /co/ threads that at the time I didn’t have a good way to represent, but I’ve become much more comfortable with making interior spaces since then and it seemed about time that it be done justice.