all we know about this alt calliope!

Okay, I get the feeling that a lot of people could use a refresher on all the stuff that we’ve been told about this doomed Calliope before we go into this encounter! 

This Calliope is from a timeline where she predominated instead of Caliborn. It hasn’t been totally confirmed yet, but it’s implied that this Calliope never had contact with the Alpha Kids, due to living in a doomed timeline. 

(Our Calliope would probably not say something like this since she grew up interacting with humans!) 

Anyways, we do know that her predomination was not the Union that our Calliope was trying to achieve with Caliborn by getting him to co-op with her. She predominated in a very similar way to the way our Caliborn did. (Maybe by having his dreamself killed?) 

This is why she is seen speaking in red, as a counterpoint to Caliborn speaking in green. It symbolizes her domination over him. (Speaking in the blood of your enemies and all. Pretty hardcore) 

Like Calliope said in that picture, Alt!Calliope went on to play SBURB and was most likely given a choice by her denizen. It was likely the same Choice that Caliborn had in the main timeline. 

So, this Calliope made the Choice to die, and her death will allow her to help our Calliope and the rest of the heroes beat Lord English. 

I hope that helped! Feel free to add on anything I missed in reblogs!

[fullview] Goddamnit Hussie! How am I supposed to get anything else done while you are haphazardly creating adorable animal hybrid sprites with nary a thought for the to-do list of your readers. How was I ever supposed to resist drawing Jasprose? 


Admit it. You saw it coming.

i’m guessing alt timeline calliope speaks in red for the same reason caliborn speaks in green: because she defeated him and stole his colour as a sign of her own power (whether this bodes well or not is really up in the air)