Sooooooooooo it turns out that if you tweet at @welovefine and tell them that you’re interested in buying something if they were to make it (say, I dunno, a vinyl Karkat figure to match your one of Dave), they will report that to their design team.

And maybe, just maybe, if enough people were to tweet at them, it *might* get produced and sold on their site.

We *might* be able to do this man. We *might* be able to make this happen.


Hey guys, I’m making another commission post here cause I am not in a very good place financially. I’ve been trying and trying to get us back on our feet, but bills are coming faster than we’ve been able to pay them, and late fees make this whole process nearly impossible. Needless to say, I’m going to have to try to find a new source of income. (AKA I’m going to try to start another job and stop taking commissions for a while.)

That being said, I do still need to try to make HALF of what I owe for rent this week($300), and I’m not sure when I’ll start the other job, so I’m hoping to fill up these slots, and maybe some more within the next few days! Anything helps! <3

Same rules apply! Check them out, because I update them from time to time!

Discounts(Only one for each order):

  • Add my OC’s: If you want to add one of my OC’s with yours, I’ll take $5 off!
  • ATSG: If you want something with ATSG characters, I’ll take $5 off!

Email me at to reserve your slot before they go!

(Slot Availability Below)

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the-zodiac-reaper ha detto: BUT have you decided who Chloe is? I wanna know who’s drooling over dave >:)
Anonimo ha detto: who are chloe and sabrina?

Terezi&Vriska aka the bullies of the school; except Vriska has no interest in Dave and she just likes to mess with people (and wants to discover the real identities of Chienne and Oiseau)
Terezi, on the other hand, has fun messing with people but even more fun messing with dave (and john)