Day: 1445
Shirt: Sonic Youth - the Crucifixion of Sean Penn
Color: Black
Brand: President Executive
Source: (6/26) this is one of them shirts that makes me hate doing this blog.  its soft, fits perfectly, still looks great but i won’t wear it again for a long long time.  sacrifices have to be made in life i suppose.  


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Tupelo    12″ single    33rpm

1985  Homestead Records


Rumble hungry like the beast
Beast it cometh, cometh down
Beast it cometh, cometh down
The beast it cometh, cometh down
Tupelo bound, Tupelo, yeah, oh, Tupelo
The beast it cometh, Tupelo bound

Dread so thick, so inescapable. Also the version of The Six Strings That Drew Blood is a great re-imagining as swinging spooky lounge cabaret.


“We can’t give an education, good looks or common sense, but we’re more than happy to sell some ‘historical perspective’ awfully cheap.”


FORCED EXPOSURE #16  1990 (page 29), JIMMY JOHNSON, Editor


Q: what kind of music do you listen to?

A: mixtapes from jane’s stepdad


“When these guys play fast and loud, it’s not threatening, it’s endearing, like in the Little Rascals when a big bully effortlessly hold back a shrimpy kid using using one finger while the smaller kid swings at the air, shouting, ‘Let me at ‘im’.” 

DISASTER #6  January 1990 (no page #)


Previously at Fuckin’ Record Reviews

  • GREAT PLAINS’ Mark Wyatt reviews the TRUE BELIEVERS 7″ Accept It! in Loaded #2 (1990): “I can’t decide whether the TB’s were the very last ’60s garage band or the very first neo-psychodellies, but I do know that this 45 is worth crawling nude through broken glass to find.”

“There’s a tangible lack of arrogance, or seems to be. In that sense, it sort of reminds me of the Feelies’ first album. Not really musically, though.” 

BRAVEAR Volume 3 Issue 6 1987 (page 59) RORY LIONS, Editor

Review of the WOMBATS by JANE GUSKIN

  • Much better overview at ClePunk“…In 1984 the Wombats played a show with the seminal Columbus band Great Plains, who brought them to the attention of Gerard Cosloy at Homestead Records. The Wombats subsequently recorded one EP for Homestead, “Mudpuddles”, which came out in 1985. Unfortunately, the band had a falling out with Cosloy over their inability to tour, since drummer Tommy Edwards was busy studying to be a refrigerator repairman. As a result, promotion for “Mudpuddles” was almost nil and the ‘Bats found themselves once again without a label. In 1986, Fettish and Halm wrote and recorded some excellent demos for a third album which they hoped to place on a major label, but due to lack of interest this project never saw the light of day. Since then, the 'Bats have played sporadically around Cleveland with various lineups.” (C.L.Blue)

Big Black - Atomizer - Passing Complexion

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#365 - The Cakekitchen - World Of Sand

External image

Here we go again, then.

One of the many gems to have come out of New Zealand in the 90s, this appearing on the first “proper” full length from Graeme Jefferies’ The Cakekitchen project,  perhaps unfairly left in the shadow of songwriters from the same scene that are only cult-at-best themselves; Alistair Galbraith (whose unmistakable soft tones contribute to this little beauty) and Chris Knox.

Wouldn’t describe it as anywhere near an essential kiwi record, and Jefferies himself had done better things in the 80s and under different monikers, but if you like this track then I’d recommend checking out the full length of the same name and then going on a wikipedia binge to find all sorts of great stuff. And rinsing out The Doledrums and Decrepit Tapes blogs.


cause it’s Sunday morning, we bring you the… 

Homestead Records one sheet intro for GIBSON BROS. Dedicated Fool (1989)

  • One sheet commentary presumably written by Gerard Cosloy, Label Manager
  • GIBSON BROS. video from 1987, in response to which YouTube user balladeer45 wrote in 2012, “Thought this was the bluegrass Gibson Brothers…My mistake….Pick a key and pick a chord please! Just sounds like a lot of loud volume, beating on guitars to me. The fag (cigarette) hanging from the acoustic player’s mouth is a nice touch.”